Watch A Big Brother Contestant Try To Twerk On TV, End Up Showing Everyone Her Butt

If you've got phobias about public speaking or appearing on live television or dancing in front of others or embarrassing yourself in extremely noticeable ways, then the following video might send you into a permanent fetal position. The most recently evicted contestant on Big Brother UK, reality star Lateysha Grace could have used a moment of uncontested redemption when appearing on the chat show Bit on the Side, but she and the audience got something else entirely. Twerk it, er, check it out.

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Unzippitty Doo Dah! That. Was. Stunning, in all uses of the word that don't involve physical force. The most surprising release of the year. I could keep positing dumb blurbs for ages.

If you happened to not watch the video - assumedly because your are a humor masochist - Bit on the Side host Rylan Clark-Neal brought up Lateysha Grace having advised another Big Brother contestant on how to twerk to the best of one's ability. And Grace was none too hesitant to offer a live demo when prompted, but as soon as her rump started to pop up, the zipper lining the back of her dress split, as if it was Spontaneous Mooning Time in the studio. There were undergarments, to be sure, but nothing that would leave a noticeable tan-line.

The suddenness of the dress splitting apart is such an effective kind of shock, and it's something that could lend itself well to a horror movie. For a completely unrelated instance, there's some girl that's in a nightclub and not a chat show, and she's wearing a dress like that, and she starts to twerk, which makes it split up the back, and then a demon or a ghost immediately pops out of her back as soon as the dress splits, heading straight for the camera. And it's the one scene that's in 3D, because it's good enough to give people panic attacks. Priceless effect.

Something else that's priceless is Clark-Neal's reaction, which is akin to a Looney Tunes character gearing up to speed away after something. I wonder if he noticed the composition of Grace's dress and purposefully decided to test its structural integrity.

lateysha grace ryan clark-neal

Remember, kids: twerking is dangerous. I mean, showing people your butt isn't dangerous, unless there's a magic picture on it that turns people to stone. But we all know Lateysha Grace doesn't have one of those.

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