Andy Samberg And Will Forte Just Got An HBO Show, Get The Details

If you like watching former Saturday Night Live cast members work together, then there's a new HBO project with Andy Samberg and Will Forte coming up that might appeal to you.

According to TVLine, Andy Samberg and Murray Miller, who worked on the HBO tennis satire 7 Days in Hell, are currently working on Tour de Pharmacy for the same network. While 7 Days in Hell focused on the athletes, played by Samberg and Kit Harington, behind what would become the (fake) longest match in the history of professional tennis, Tour de Pharmacy will look into the world of doping in professional cycling. Samberg will again play an athlete, as one of the competing cyclists, and he's executive producing along with Miller, who will also be writing the project. The cast will also include Last Man on Earth's Will Forte, Dolph Lundgren, Mike Tyson, Julia Ormond, Phylicia Rashad and John Cena.

The new mockumentary is coming at a time when fans of professional cycling are still reeling from the revelation that stars of the sport are being banned or suspended from riding because they've been using banned substances to enhance their performance. Seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong was stripped of all his titles in 2012, but his case is just the tip of the very unfortunate iceberg when it comes to doping in cycling.

Since leaving SNL, Andy Samberg has gone on to cement his status as one of our leading comedic actors. He's still a driving force behind The Lonely Island, the comedy troupe that was behind all of those SNL shorts (like Dick in a Box) that went viral a few years back. Samberg has also been heading up the cast of the police detective sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine since 2013 as carefree and, somewhat goofy, cop Jake Peralta, who still manages to get the job done while cracking oddball jokes. He's also known for the movies Hot Rod, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, The To Do List and Celeste & Jesse Forever. In 2014 Samberg won a Golden Globe for his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I certainly hope that Will Forte will have a large role in Tour de Pharmacy. He's helped to make Last Man on Earth one of the funniest, quirkiest shows that also manages to be heartfelt and surprise on a regular basis. He's the perfect mixture of awkward, weirdly funny and emotional to give a mockumentary about doping the right kind of crazy edge. Forte can also been seen in 7 Days in Hell and Grownups 2, and has done a lot of voice work for shows like Gravity Falls, The Cleveland Show and Bob's Burgers.

The combo of Andy Samberg and Will Forte will surely make Tour de Pharmacy a project to stay tuned for. We'll keep you updated on information about the movie as it becomes available.

Adrienne Jones
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