Watch John Cena Play The Sexy Fireman Of Our Dreams

Summer TV has gotten a bit more fun now that variety/sketch comedy show Maya & Marty has hit NBC. Instead of having a weekly host like Saturday Night Live, Maya Rudolph and Martin Short host the show and appear in every sketch, allowing for a wide array of celebrities to pop up during the course of the hour-long program. Last night, the show brought in wrestler John Cena, and made perfect use of his many, uh, attributes. Take a look.

This clip of Tuesday night's Maya & Marty firehouse sketch, simply titled "Firemen," was posted to the show's YouTube page, and really helps to show off John Cena's comedic timing. Yeah. That's what I'm going to call it.

Alright, who am I kidding. The man has GUNS for days. If you're going to have a 15 time world wrestling champion, who's proven himself to be adept at letting the joke be on him, on your comedy show, you would do yourself a disservice to not play up John Cena's physicality and then turn it into the basis of his sketch. And the firehouse setting may have been the perfect place to do this without it turning into a simple beefcake party. Everyone knows that the fire departments of several cities around the country put out calendars with their hottest firefighters in them for charity. So this is a great excuse to get Cena mostly shirtless.

Of course, the big joke here is that two of the four guys talking about the calendar are excited by the possibility that they might get chosen for the prestigious gig. After all, who wouldn't want to do one calendar and then rocket to TV stardom by getting cast in a Home Depot commercial? The only thing standing in their way is the buff, yet humble, Bill; a fireman with enough muscles to classify as a demi-god. Ladies (and some gents), if John Cena's Bill doesn't fulfill all your fireman dreams, no one will.

I mean, he gives us all we really need to picture him as the star of a fireman's calendar. There's the smoldering look over the broad shoulders. Bill's pleasantly goofy smile as he refuses to believe that he could be hot enough for such an enterprise, since he "looks so awkward in pictures" and "never knows what to do" in them. Then he proceeds to prove himself wrong by making us all wish we could be a stupid little plastic water bottle in line for his personal thirst-quenching. The only thing missing from that look was Bill splashing himself with water and then ripping his shirt off.

Not long after that, we have the clincher: Bill holding adorable firehouse dog, Pongo, with his muscles still a poppin'. I could say what that particular visual did to at least 90% of the women watching, but I'll just leave it up to your imagination instead. I wouldn't want this website to get taken down for overly graphic use of the English language. After all that hot, firefighting man-goodness, though, we finally get to see Bill's calendar appearance. Unfortunately, the photographer was clearly insane, because they had him pose in the most un-sexy way possible. Oh well, not everyone has the right eye for man-candy, I suppose.

If you liked John Cena's work on Maya & Marty, he can be seen in a variety of WWE and WWF wrestling extravaganzas. Cena is also lending his voice to Surf's Up 2: WaveMania. Meanwhile, you can catch Maya & Marty Tuesdays this summer on NBC.

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