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Fans of the Starz drama Power have plenty of reasons to be excited. Season 3 just debuted with a bang, and now we've heard that the show has already been renewed for Season 4 and Season 5.

Starz confirmed to CinemaBlend today that Power has made enough of an impact on the network to already get the go-ahead for a fourth and fifth season, even though Season 3 just premiered two days ago. That premiere grew Power's audience over the Season 2 premiere by 58 percent, and over the Season 1 premiere by an astonishing 389 percent. I know, that's just a crazy sauce kind of number. Season 3 premiered to 2.26 million Live + SD (same day) viewers, making it the most watched premiere for any Starz original series. Each season of the show so far has managed to post multiple record viewership numbers for the network, meaning that Starz would basically be nuts to not bank on the series at this point.

Power centers on the personal and professional life of New York City nightclub owner, James St. Patrick. His life is severely complicated by the fact that he is also a major player in a large illegal drug network in New York, under the name "Ghost." The tenuous balance he's developed between those two lives comes apart when he decides to try and leave the drug trade behind and focus on his legitimate business enterprise. James is also dealing with his marriage as he carries on with the mistress he would actually like to commit to, while trying to maintain a civil relationship with his former love, Angela, who just so happens to be the Assistant U.S. Attorney who's been sworn to bring "Ghost" to justice. His friend and partner Tommy tries to help him keep both worlds in check.

Season 3 sees James owning a brand new night club and out of the drug game, or so he thinks. He's also rekindled his romance with Angela, and while both of them would love for his drug cartel past to be behind them, they're finding that trying to leave such a life is much harder than they'd ever imagined. Tommy is also finding that the game will take a toll on his, already estranged, relationship with James, as he's been tasked with rebuilding a shattered drug organization and actually killing the man he once called friend.

The crime drama, which is executive produced by rapper 50 Cent, among others, has mostly received mixed reviews from critics, but it's clear that audiences are eating it up in droves. It's true that a glossy tale of the perils of power and the underground crime world is exactly the type of show that will gain notice from viewers looking for some high octane drama, and Power doesn't disappoint. You can catch up on Power every Sunday at 9 p.m. EST.