All The Huge Stars Heading To The Girl Meets World Finale

Girl Meets World has been a delightful little series worth watching for kids today, as well as any adults who fell in love with the original Boy Meets World series. The plots have been new and revolved around the lives of young Riley Matthews and her BFF Maya Heart, but stars from Boy Meets World have dropped in from time to time to reunite with Corey and Topanga. The future of Girl Meets World is currently uncertain. Luckily, the Season 3 finale promises to be one of the biggest episodes yet, thanks to all the familiar Boy Meets World faces that will show up. Brace yourself for a blast from the past and take a look at the list of who will appear in the last episode of Season 3:

The Girl Meets World writers certainly know how to drum up interest for an episode. The tweet announcing the characters that will drop by the finale has already gotten more than 1,200 retweets and nearly 5,000 likes after less than a day online. For a Disney Channel series that was rumored to maybe be facing cancellation, those are some encouraging social media numbers. I wouldn't be surprised if the finale takes the series to a season high thanks to folks who are curious enough about the Boy Meets World crowd to give Girl Meets World a try.

Most of the characters slated for the end of Season 3 have actually appeared on Girl Meets World during the first three seasons. Rider Strong reprised the role of Shawn for six episodes, William Daniels stopped by for some sage advice as Feeny in four episodes, and Will Friedle was back as Eric for three episodes.

More minor characters have had roles, as well. Lee Norris found himself back around Corey and Topanga for four episodes, Danny McNulty played reformed bully Harley in five episodes, and Anthony Tyler Quinn had a few things to say as Turner in two episodes. William Russ and Betsy Randle only appeared in one episode as Alan and Amy Matthews, so their returns for the Season 3 finale should be especially great.

The one character set to appear in the Season 3 finale who hasn't joined Girl Meets World to date is Morgan Matthews. Corey and Eric's little sister was played by two young actresses over the seven seasons of Boy Meets World; it should be fun to see how the episode manages to incorporate them both. Assuming that recurring Girl Meets World actor Uriah Shelton will be featured, the finale will be the first time since Boy Meets World that the entire Matthews family will be together on screen. My heartstrings are being tugged at the mere thought.

There are still a few episodes left in Season 3, so it's hard to guess what decision will require so many familiar faces. One of the biggest recent Girl Meets World plots has been the love triangle between Riley, Lucas, and Maya. I can't help but hope that the triangle will be completely resolved before the crew gets together. Such an epic reunion deserves to be about more than the romantic melodrama, especially if the Season 3 finale turns out to be the series finale. Besides, the show is at its most charming when Riley and Maya are a united front. The girls and the previous generation all together in one episode to make a major decision could be great.

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