Girl Meets World Is Returning To The Lodge Where Cory Cheated On Topanga

As a TV sequel taking place a generation after the original series, Girl Meets World has a keen advantage over most shows, in that the Disney comedy gets to use elements from Boy Meets World’s seven seasons to tell its stories if it’s so desired. And Girl Meets World has not been afraid or ashamed to use the past in informing new stories, and Season 3 is apparently going to bring up one of the most tumultuous times in Boy Meets World history: when Cory cheated on Topanga. 

We didn’t find this news out via a note that accidentally fell out of someone’s bag, although that would have been the most amazing thing that has ever happened. Instead, star Rider Strong (who plays Shawn Hunter) dropped a teaser-y announcement that he and his brother Shiloh are directing some Season 3 episodes of Girl Meets World featuring a very familiar location. Here’s the tweet.


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Fans will recall that in Season 5, the gang had romance on the brain as they went on a senior trip to the mountains and the Mountain Sun Lodge. Unfortunately, said romance also managed to happen between Cory and lodge employee Lauren, played by the always great Linda Cardellini just a year before she hit cult status on Freaks and Geeks. It involved Cory lying to Topanga about several things, and eventually led to their break-up, making it arguably the biggest blight in their relationship. As such, it’ll be very interesting to see why the Lodge is being reintroduced to new audiences.

If this goes like normal sitcoms go, Cory will make a reservation at the Lodge without remembering that it’s the place where he and Lauren kissed, which would then make Topanga angry and refuse to speak to him or something. That’s a plausible scenario, as Girl Meets World isn’t built on deeply layered drama. But the episode probably wouldn’t take place there if they argue about it beforehand.

So perhaps the setting will be used as a cautionary tale, with Cory and Topanga teaching Riley about being faithful in a relationship, or to always suspect others of lying even when they say that nothing happened between them and another person. Or maybe Riley and her friends take a school trip to the Lodge, where they find Lauren is still working, and she shares the story about her lost love, not realizing that it’s Cory’s daughter she’s telling it to. Let’s get a Cardellini cameo, people! 

Relive this awkward time with this even more awkward fanmade video.

With new and returning cast members, Girl Meets World will bring Season 3 to Disney Channel on Friday, June 3. 

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