What Arrow's Colton Haynes Could Be Doing During His Season 5 Return

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Season 5 of Arrow is shaping up to feature a lot of new characters, many of them vigilantes, but at least one familiar face will return to interact with the regulars again. Colton Haynes will reprise his role as the original red archer Roy Harper, also known as Arsenal. Details have been scarce about how and why Roy will reunite with his old pals in Star City, but he actor is now back on set for Arrow, and the timing indicates that Arsenal may have a role to play in the re-formation of Team Arrow.

Mr. Terrific actor Echo Kellum gave away Colton Haynes' presence on set via Snapchat. We already knew that Roy would be back for at least one episode of Season 5, and filming only began in the beginning of July, so Roy's arrival should come relatively early in the season. The trailer for what's to come next for Oliver and Co. revealed that Oliver is going to have his hands full with assembling a new Team Arrow after the dissolution of the previous formation in the Season 4 finale. There are a few reasons why Roy could be instrumental to the formation of the next Team Arrow, and all of them are exciting.

Roy may turn up just because Oliver doesn't want Team Arrow 2.0 to be filled with newbie vigilantes. The heat was somewhat off Roy's tail when he showed up in Season 4 after faking his death in Season 3; perhaps enough time has passed that Oliver would try to recruit him back to Star City. After all, Oliver is the mayor now, so there are strings he can pull, and he may be bromantically-deprived if Diggle is still taking a break from the vigilante scene. Even if Colton Haynes isn't rejoining Arrow full time to bring Roy back as a regular, Oliver could still try to get Roy on the team.

Another reason why Roy could swing by the bunker is that he found out about Team Arrow 2.0 - because this team is great at keeping secrets - and wants to add his two cents to Oliver's dilemma about whether or not it's a good idea. Roy is one of Oliver's greatest successes in his time as the Emerald Archer, and if anybody could convince Oliver that the young wannabe vigilantes deserve a chance to try to become heroes, Roy would be the one.

A third reason might have more to do with Thea's involvement with Team Arrow rather than any of the newcomers. The trailer revealed a Thea who is reluctant to return to her role as Speedy. Seeing as how Roy has worked pep talk magic on his star-crossed lady love in seasons past, maybe a visit from him would be enough to remind Thea that she has what it takes to fight the good fight without giving into darkness. Encouragement from the first red Star City archer might be exactly what the second red Star City archer needs to hit the streets again.

Unfortunately, we still have a while to wait before the Season 5 premiere on Wednesday, October 5 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, which means it'll be even longer before Colton Haynes returns. Check out our breakdown of what we know so far about Arrow Season 5 for a peek ahead.

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