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What The Walking Dead's David Morrissey Is Doing Next

the walking dead governor david morrissey

British actor David Morrissey made his mark on American TV as the unforgettable Walking Dead villain known as the Governor. The Governor is dead, but Morrissey's TV career is very much alive. He's landed another small screen gig that should give him the chance to really flex his acting muscles. David Morrissey's next big TV role will take him back to the first century A.D. for the drama Britannia.

Britannia will be an Amazon series set in 43 A.D. that follows the story of the Roman invasion of the future Great Britain, according to Deadline. The drama is set to run as a 10-episode event. David Morrissey will play military commander Aulus Plautius as he uses the resources of the Roman empire in the attempt to conquer the strange land of Britannia.

Aulus Plautius won't have an easy time in his efforts to conquer the mysterious Celtic culture of the land. He'll discover that Britannia is inhabited by territorial factions of warrior women who know their way around weapons and druids who are able to use contact with the underworld to further their causes. Unfortunately for the Romans, their assault will be enough to band the rival warrior clans together to fight off invasion. Kelly Reilly of True Detective and Zoë Wanamaker of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone will play the rival leaders Kerra and Antedia. Aulus Plautius will undoubtedly have to get very creative and strike very hard to battle the warrior women of Britannia once they've united against him.

The cast is rounded out by some actors who are already familiar with period productions. Stanley Weber of Outlander, Hugo Speer of The Musketeers, Ian McDiarmid of Elizabeth I, and young Eleanor Worthington-Cox of Hetty Feather will all show up on Britannia.

This new series marks the latest in a string of different TV roles for David Morrissey in recent years. He debuted in 2014 as the Governor and spent 20 episodes on The Walking Dead menacing the good guys in the zombie apocalypse, then moved to Extant to play the celebrated General Tobias Shepherd of the Global Security Commission in 2015. Morrissey next signed on to star as Sam in Season 2 of the critically-acclaimed Starz' anthology The Missing. Aulus Plautius will be a new kind of role for Morrissey, but his experience in multiple genres should make him a good fit for Britannia.

Brttannia will film on location in Wales and Prague, so the show should look pretty perfect for a clash between the legendary Roman military and the wild of Celtic tribes. We can expect to find Britannia on Amazon Prime at some point in 2017. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what you'll be able to watch to pass the time until David Morrissey makes his grand debut as Aulus Plautius.

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