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If anyone was expecting The Flash to put on the brakes on all the drama so that Barry could soak up his new Flashpoint life with his alive and non-incarcerated parents, think again. It looks like Season 3 is keeping the metahuman revolving door unlocked, as there are a trio of new (to the show) villains possibly coming to kick up dust in Central City. And one of them should be especially exciting for comic book fans, as we may get our first look at the new DC TV version of Mirror Master.

Be sure to have a grain of salt handy for this, as news of the evildoer trio's existence wasn't revealed by any stars from the show or The CW, but rather casting breakdowns reported by That Hashtag Show, which has been sometimes dependable on the superhero TV rumor front. Let's tackle them one by one, starting with the most recognizable name in the bunch.

Sam Scudder, who first appeared as the Mirror Master in a 1959 issue of The Flash, will apparently enter the show as a recurring guest star whose charms are just as solid as his criminal mastery. His ego will apparently be as big as Central City itself, which he mysteriously disappeared from years earlier. But now he'll be back to get revenge on his former home. Mirror Master was one of the Rogues in the comics, and he'll easily fit in with some of the baddies on this show if his recurring presence loops him in with Captain Cold and the next two potential candidates.

The Flash is also apparently looking for a female in the late 20s age range to play "Rosalind 'Rosa' Tannhauser," a recurring guest star who is described using words like "whirlwind" along with saying she will turn everyone's world "upside-down." So even though that name doesn't have a direct comic tie, the speculation is that this is Top, the supervillain that can spin so fast, bullets are deflected. Top's alter ego on the page was Roscoe Dillon - Roscoe/Rosalind are kind of close - so this would be a gender switch. Hopefully that means a killer costume change, too.

The third possible baddie heading to The Flash Season 3 is another recurring guest star, a teenage female dubbed "Francis." She's smart and used to have her morals intact, but a history of foster home abuse has changed her. She now has blackouts, which is when her metahuman alter ego takes over and seeks revenge. It's possible this is Thorn, a Golden Age antagonist that served as the evil plant-controlling side of Rose Canton. Alternately, there's Frances Kane/Magenta, the Teen Titans character who had magnetic powers and became the girlfriend of Wally West's Flash. But that seems less likely.

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For what it's worth, Mirror Master was thrown around last year as a possible Season 2 villain, so while a casting notice is probably a surer sign than a producer offhandedly mentioning it, we still can't know for sure just yet. But I'm definitely interested in seeing all three of these characters come to life. The last time Mirror Master made it to live-action, it was for the 1990s Flash series, and former Partridge Family heartthrob David Cassidy took the part. Come on, get happy!

The Flash will bring all of its superheroics and villainy to audiences when Season 3 hits The CW on Tuesday, October 4, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Want to know more about it? Check out our Season 3 guide. To see when everything else is premiering later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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