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The Big Threat Supergirl Will Face In Season 2

Supergirl has seen some big villains throw down some major threats on National City in a short time, but now we know who's going to be causing a lot of trouble for the hero in Season 2. It looks like Project Cadmus will indeed be a big adversary for Supergirl and her friends as a new season of adventures gets underway. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg gave up some details about the Big Bad of Season 2.

[Project Cadmus is] dedicated to eradicating alien life on Earth. They're fanatics. They're true believers. It's a collection of scientists, of very bright, patriotic people who truly believe what they're saying. That makes them even more dangerous.

Well, for obvious reasons, this doesn't sound great for Supergirl. Andrew Kreisberg spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Season 2 of the show, and divulged some more information about what fans can expect to be a major part of the storylines in the show's first season on The CW. We already knew that Project Cadmus would play a big part in Season 2, we just didn't know exactly how the secret genetic engineering facility would enter the scene. Now we know that they pose a big problem for the world that Supergirl has decided to protect, if for no other reason than that she, her cousin, Superman, and her friend and mentor Hank are actual aliens themselves and will be eventual targets for Project Cadmus.

When we were introduced to the government facility, it was because Alex and Hank found out that Jeremiah Danvers wasn't dead, but had been held for several years at Cadmus. In Season 1, they tried to locate the facility in order to break Jeremiah out, but didn't have any luck in finding it. It was assumed that they would try again sometime during Season 2, but now we know that things will actually be even more difficult regarding the program.

So, the scientists of Project Cadmus have gone from experimenting on aliens for the military, to trying to rid the Earth of them. Since we know that there are absolutely some good aliens on Earth, it's hard to think of anything positive about what's been revealed about Cadmus' goals. But, for the three good aliens we know of, there have been many others who wanted to enslave humanity or just plain destroy the Earth. So, when you think about it, it is actually rather understandable for this group of scientists to dedicate themselves to simply getting rid of all the aliens on the planet. Andrew Kreisberg also said that yet another big villain will come to the forefront later in Season 2.

Kreisberg noted that the people of Project Cadmus have complete faith in their new goal, and that certainly does make them dangerous. A level of belief that deep can only mean that they will stop at nothing to fulfill their mission, and a bunch of super smart scientists who have one common goal sounds pretty dangerous to me. We can see what kind of trouble Project Cadmus brings to Supergirl when the show comes to The CW on Monday, October 10.

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