The Chances The Olsen Twins Appear On Fuller House Season 2, According To Jodie Sweetin

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Netflix's Fuller House revival managed to bring back most of the original cast of the classic sitcom Full House to reprise their characters. The extended Tanner family reunion was heart-warming and nostalgic in the best way, but the absence of the Olsen twins as the youngest Tanner sister was impossible to ignore. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had both declined the offer to play Michelle once more for the first season of Fuller House. Now, their on-screen sister has shared her thoughts about whether or not we should expect the Olsens to come back as Michelle. Actress Jodie Sweetin, who brought Tanner sister Stephanie to life, has this to say about the attempts to recruit the Olsen twins for the revival:

We've tried everything. I think we've kinda given up.

Jodie Sweetin revealed that she doesn't foresee a reunion of all three Tanner sisters in a chat with ET, and it's a sad bit of news for those of us who have been hoping to see Michelle once more. Season 1 of the revival wasn't any worse for Michelle's absence; Kimmy stepped up as a sister to D.J. well enough. Still, it would have been nice to see Michelle drop in even for a scene or two with the old crew in Season 2.

On the whole, however, it's hard to blame the Olsen twins for not wanting to return to Michelle. They were awfully young when they started on Full House, and the level of nostalgia for them would likely be less than for their Full House co-stars. Actor Dave Coulier, who played Joey, admitted that Mary-Kate and Ashley don't share some of the greatest memories of the early years on set, and the Fuller House executive producer revealed that Ashley just wasn't comfortable in front of a camera after leaving acting many years prior. The twins are also have plenty going on with their successful fashion business in New York City. If they aren't looking to return to acting, it might be best for them to stay away from the role that made them famous.

Besides, it's not like Fuller House has chosen to ignore Michelle altogether without the Olsen twins on board. Season 1 made some delightful nods to the fact that Michelle wasn't part of the big family reunion. She hasn't been retroactively erased from the Tanner clan just because neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley wanted to reprise the character. Michelle still has a presence on Fuller House, even if only by legacy and off-screen conversations. Fuller House Season 1 worked with Michelle busy with fashion in New York; Season 2 and beyond shouldn't be ruined by the Olsen twins' absence.

All in all, Season 2 looks like it could be so full that we might not even really notice the lack of Michelle. We're in for one big Thanksgiving episode, and Joey's better half will make her Fuller House debut. John Brotherton's promotion from guest star to series regular definitely means that we'll get more of the romantic trials and tribulations of D.J. Tanner. Season 2 may be as big a hit for Netflix as was Season 1.

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