Why Aly Raisman's Mom Is Such A Nervous Olympics Watcher

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You might not believe watching an Olympic athlete performing in an event can be just as rough as actually going through the motions in front of millions of people, but then you probably aren't the parent of one of those gifted men and women in Rio right now. But that's a feeling all too familiar for Lynn and Rick Raisman, the parents of 22-year-old multi-medal-winner Aly Raisman whose on-edge and on-air reactions to their daughter's routine went viral in a huge way. And here's why Lynn says she gets so nervous in those moments.

Our family had always loved the Olympics, long before Aly told me that this was what she wanted to do. So to have your daughter in the Olympics is absolutely amazing. but there's a lot of pressure. Everything they've worked for for years is now happening, and it all comes down to a few seconds on some pieces of equipment. So it's really nerve-wracking, because the stakes are just so high!

You kind of want to picture her talking holding two giant Fourth of July sparklers, just animating the world around her with every word. Or perhaps swaying back and forth as she did in that meme-worthy reaction clip. Because even though she wasn't still watching her daughter when she said those words, that kind of excitement doesn't just dissipate completely, even this many days after it happened. I'd be wearing my gold medals to the grocery store and everything, no matter which family member actually earned them.

Everybody knows a family that can be safely dubbed as "that Olympics family," who expose themselves through a whole-hearted plunging into the seasonal celebrations. And if that's your niche, then there is assumedly nothing more gratifying than raising a child that grows up to not only try out for the Olympics, but to actually make it to both Games she qualified for, netting silver and gold medals in both London and Rio. (Other parents probably had a rougher time watching their kids.)

That kind of feeling is totally worth becoming a temporary Internet sensation.

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Lynn Raisman did tell People that she laughed when she saw the video, and I bet it was the boisterous and proud laugh of someone who isn't equipped to be bothered by such a thing. She got to watch her daughter excel at her passion, and they got to share some of the happiest days of their respective lives as a family. That whole situation gets a gold medal.

You can currently catch all the high-rated Olympics coverage you can handle on all channels related to NBC. Things will be winding down soon, so forget about plans and work and your own children. Watch these other people's children.

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