David Ayer's Suicide Squad proved to be about as divisive as a comic book movie can possibly be. Don't get me wrong, over $500 million at the global box office is nothing to scoff at, but the latest DCEU adventure doesn't even come close to the critical and commercial acclaim of some of the other major superhero blockbusters we've seen. We're not calling Suicide Squad a definitive failure, but something about the offbeat supervillain romp just didn't feel quite right.

With that in mind, we may have figured out how DC can turn Task Force X around and bring audiences a perfect Suicide Squad story: adapt it to the small screen. Suicide Squad undoubtedly made for a fun cinematic outing, but so many aspects of Amanda Waller's ragtag group of misfits feel tailor-made for the booming world of comic book television. We've compiled a list of the five main reasons why Suicide Squad should scale down for the small screen. Take a look at our points and let us know what you think! Now let's get started with one of Suicide Squad's most defining characteristics...

Suicide Squad Doesn't Require Well-Known Characters

Sure, Suicide Squad features some striking appearances by Batman and The Joker, but its core ensemble generally felt populated by far less mainstream DC characters. Badasses like Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Katana, and El Diablo carried the emotional weight David Ayer's recent silver screen outing, and that's kind of the point. Much like Iron Man did for Marvel, Suicide Squad proved that B and C-list characters can often have the richest and most compelling stories to tell. A Suicide Squad TV series wouldn't need to fork over money for DC's heavy-hitters because that's not why people like Suicide Squad to begin with. This allows a series to dig deep into the comic book source material and fill the show out with innumerable obscure (read: cheap) heroes and villains. There exists an entire roster of unknown DC characters out there just waiting to have their stories told, and we want to see them.

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