Bob Saget Wished John Stamos Happy Birthday In The Best Way Possible, Check It Out

If a large group of people was asked to guess how old John Stamos is, I'm guessing you'd have to wait a very long time until someone got to the right answer of 53. The mercy-having actor looks amazing for his age (or anyone else's), and I'm sure he doesn't have much trouble getting people to go to bed with him. At least, that's the assumption I have after seeing Stamos' Full House/Fuller House co-star Bob Saget's fabulous birthday message, as seen below.

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Could there be a more genuine and attention-grabbing way to celebrate someone's birthday? Now I'm going to be disappointed when I get Christmas cards later this year, and my family won't be laying in bed beneath mistletoe with Bob Saget. Don't they care about MY holidays?

Stamos and Saget have known each other for around 30 years now, which is more than enough time to grow comfortable enough with someone to let them lean on you with a hand beneath the neck, in a room with light bright enough to see in, but soft enough to swoon in. (I don't think light has any effect on a situation's "swooniness," but I'm using poetic license or whatever.) There is a bond between these two men that cannot be broken by Instagram commenters or Dave Coulier's penis.

Bob Saget is a comedian known for taking things to some dirty places, so it's actually kind of weird that this birthday greeting is as G-rated as it is. Of course, we can imagine that beneath John Stamos' winning smile is his [expletive deleted] digging into Saget's spine. Ah, friendships.

This loving image reminds me of a time when the two men were not getting along very much, or at least their Full House characters weren't. Relive that one episode where Jesse became a housewife.

Those were the good old days. You can still see what Danny Tanner and Jesse Katsopolis are up to in the here and now on Fuller House, which became one of Netflix's most popular shows (allegedly) quite soon after its release. The two also shared some screentime on Stamos' short-lived Fox comedy Grandfathered. Now we just need Saget to get his own bedroom-set talk show so that we can see him get up close and personal with all kinds of celebs.

Fuller House still doesn't have a release date just yet for Season 2, but you'll be able to get a lot more of John Stamos before then when Scream Queens Season 2 kicks off on Fox on Tuesday, September 20. For everything else coming to the small screen later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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