The Amazingly Filthy Prank Dave Coulier Pulled On His Full House Co-Stars

When you think about the three leading men on Full House, you probably think of Bob Saget as the dirty-minded one, John Stamos as the hot one and Dave Coulier as…basically the same person as Joey Gladstone. Well, let it be known that Coulier might just be the filthiest one of them all, as evidenced by this hilariously obscene prank he pulled on current Fuller House co-stars John Stamos and Bob Saget. You’re going to get some possibly unwanted mental imagery here, so keep the courage.

It was for Bob's 50th birthday. And we kidnapped him and took him to Vegas. When we picked up Bob, I got naked and sat in the limo and waited for him. And when he got in, laughs - this is horrible, I put my wiener through a hole in John Stamos’ 8"x10” picture and it made everyone laugh. Bob took a picture of it. We went to Vegas and met Stamos at the hotel, gave the picture to John. He stuck his tongue through the exact same hole and then Bob showed him the picture he took! laughs

So, yeah. Apparently that happened in real life and not the porn parody of Full House. I have to imagine that Dave Coulier sitting down and answering this Reddit AMA question was almost as amusing as the actual prank itself, at least to a random person who doesn’t have a vested interest in the actor’s wang as a source of humor. There’s something about sitting and living with the memory of past debauchery that makes people smile and laugh in a way that’s all on its own.

Okay, so there’s no way Coulier at his computer is actually funnier than him sticking his penis through one of John Stamos’ headshots, at least to me. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to think of anything on either Full House or Fuller House that is as amusing as this prank, sordid or not. Joey Gladstone is a guy known for talking like Bullwinkle and Popeye, and not a lot of Dave Coulier’s comedy over the years has gone much bluer than that (while Bob Saget has created his own rainbow of blue comedy). So part of what makes this prank so fabulous is how out of character it seems, at least to those of us who only know him from afar. But then “tricking a friend into putting a tongue on someone’s dick germs” doesn’t seem very in-character for a lot of people. (Of course, Bryan Cranston also dished out some penile pranks on Breaking Bad, so maybe it’s high art.)

In the scheme of things, was John Stamos' victimization in this prank better or worse than having him go on a late night talk show just to read crappy reviews about Fuller House? They each leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, don’t they? Hey-ooo.

Fuller House, along with a presumably clothed Dave Coulier, will return to Netflix for Season 2 next year.

Nick Venable
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