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When Matt Murdock decided he was going to try and take on the entirety of the criminal element in Hell's Kitchen, he probably underestimated just how big of a task that was going to be. He had two pairs of trigger-happy helping hands in the Punisher and Elektra in Season 2, and one presumes the stakes will be raised even higher for Season 3. According to actor Charlie Cox, it sounds like the Man Without Fear will get a specific lesson in crimefighting during The Defenders miniseries that will carry over to his own show.

Going into The Defenders, Matt is going to have to learn that he needs help, that he can't do all this alone. And that said, maybe some teamwork is going to actually be beneficial. So, whatever lessons he learns in The Defenders will then play into I think Season 3 and how he goes forward from there.

It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to get Matt and Frank Castle on the same page, even though both had a semblance of the same goal in mind, and we all know how terrible Matt is at letting people getting to know both sides of his personality. So for him to take on not only one regular ally, but three, indicates Matt will possibly go through yet another humbling beatdown that leaves him impervious to his own ignorant refusals to kick it with others.

Charlie Cox shared this tidbit during Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con, as captured by ChristineDoesCons, and his words have us wondering how someone can utilize the lesson of teamwork in a way other than getting more people to team up with. After the trials and tribulations of The Defenders, which is almost definitely tied to Daredevil's dad-versary Stick, Matt will possibly understand and enjoy partnering up with others so much that he gets to start up his own private squad, and I bet resurrected Elektra would get in on that. And if I start guessing what other comic characters might get introduced, we'd be here all day.

The Defenders is scheduled to go into production through the end of the year, with Daredevil and Jessica Jones filming their follow-up seasons in early 2017, at which point we'll likely have gotten through all four introductions for the street-tough quartet. We're also getting a Punisher show that might premiere next year and might not. I hope he shows up in Defenders first, though. And then again in Daredevil's third season. And somewhere else in the meantime.

Daredevil Season 3 won't get here until some point in 2017 (presumably), but we still have Luke Cage premiering on September 30 and Iron Fist coming after that. You can also find everything else coming to Netflix with our premiere schedule, and everything coming to TV in general with our fall schedule.

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