Barb From Stranger Things Has A New Show, Get The Details

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Usually, a TV character takes a while to grow on audiences to the point where they're willing to riot for the character, but that wasn't at all the case with Stranger Things' Barb Holland. In her relatively short screen time, first time actress Shannon Purser charmed viewers to no end with her ginger vibe, and we can all squeal with glee that Purser has landed another big role, as she's joining The CW's upcoming Archie reboot drama Riverdale, as is actress Robin Givens. I bet Jughead knows the way to the Upside Down.

While it's disappointing that Shannon Purser won't be allowed to just port Barb over to a completely different show, that's not really how TV works. Instead, she'll take on the role of Ethel Muggs, whom you might remember from the comics. Instead of being obsessed with the diner-haunting Jughead as she did on the page, she'll have a different suitor for live-action. As well, she will start up a friendship with Betty and Veronica as they form their revenge plot against Archie's rival Reggie.

At this point, Purser is only set to appear in 3 episodes of Riverdale, according to EW. But considering she was only in 4 episodes of Stranger Things, I think fans are capable of squeezing every bit of enjoyment out of Ethel's scenes.

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Robin Givens is joining Riverdale as the city mayor Sierry McCoy, which will also be a recurring role. Sierra is as mighty as she is fabulous - so they got the right actress for the part, obvs - and it's on her shoulders to keep Riverdale calm following the mysterious death of Jason Blossom that serves as the first season's lynch pin. She has to make sure the 75th Jubilee Celebration is problem-free, which likely won't go well. Set to appear in the second episode, Mayor McCoy is also notable for being the mother of one Josie, who will get her Pussycats career started as the show goes on. Givens, seen above in her recent appearance on Man Seeking Woman, will also appear in Season 2 of Fox's Lucifer.

The scandalous Riverdale doesn't yet have a premiere date set, but it will make its debut on The CW at some point in the midseason. Until then, check out everything coming to the small screen soon with our fall TV schedule. And if you still haven't finished the super-popular Stranger Things, which still hasn't been renewed, you're doing life wrong.

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