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The Big Bang Theory left us on quite an interesting cliffhanger last season, and CBS confirmed today that it looks like the show will pick up right where we left off for the Season 10 premiere. Here's what the official logline for Season 10 reveals:

After Sheldon's mother and Leonard's father share an evening together, everyone deals with an awkward morning the next day. Also, Penny's family arrives for the wedding ceremony, including her anxiety-ridden mother, Susan (Katey Sagal), and her drug dealing brother, Randall (Jack McBrayer).

In case your memory isn't serving you right now, the major development was that Leonard's dad, Alfred (Judd Hirsch), and Sheldon's mom, Mary (Laurie Metcalf), went off after Leonard and Penny's pre-wedding dinner to share a "night cap" since they are both staying at the same hotel. And don't ask why "night cap" is in quotes; we all know that there's an extreme possibility that way more than a little light drinking could have happened that night. This being The Big Bang Theory, that probably won't be a secret for very long, either, especially owing to the fact that everyone is going to be awkward the next day. Some of that will certainly be due to the fact that Leonard's mom, Beverly (Christine Baranski) took to insulting Alfred and Mary during dinner, but I bet that a good portion of it will be because of the clandestine evening Mary and Alfred spent together.

Even if the secret of Mary and Alfred's night doesn't come out right away, knowing that they crossed what most people would consider to be that line where you don't become romantically linked with the parent of your child's best friend, will likely lead to some awkwardness between Alfred and Mary the next day. Things should be especially tense if they went further than drinking and talking the night away, if for no other reason that they wouldn't want to give themselves away and get found out.

Of course, we will also add to the familial tension with the arrival, finally, of Penny's mother and oft-imprisoned brother. Aside from Randall's brushes with the law, we've heard very little about him or Susan, but we do know that Penny and her dad, Wyatt (Keith Carradine), feel torn between the two of them due to the feuds they have over Randall's less-than-stellar life choices. Adding that strife-filled family dynamic to the one already in place with Leonard and Sheldon's families is surely going to cause a world of trouble when The Big Bang Theory starts up for Season 10.

Well, the new season is shaping up to be filled with the kind of awkward tension that this show thrives on. Almost everyone is going to be annoyed with almost everyone else for one reason or another; add a wedding to the mix, and people are going to do and say things they might regret later. We can all see what shenanigans The Big Bang Theory Season 10 has in store when it returns to CBS on September 19.

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