The Big Bang Theory Just Cast Penny's Mom And She's Perfect

The Big Bang Theory has done a pretty good job of slowly introducing the audience to the characters' parents. Now, we're finally going to get to meet Penny's mom, and the casting is absolutely perfect. Executive producer Steve Molaro just announced that Katey Sagal will be taking on the role in Season 10, and it looks like that won't be the only additional family member of Penny's that we'll get to see.

We are finally going to meet more of Penny's family. We are going to meet Penny's mom and her brother in the first episode back. We are super excited that Katey Sagal will be playing Penny's mom... We're really excited about Katey joining us and becoming part of our little family.

Steve Molaro spoke at San Diego Comic-Con today, and revealed that we'll finally get to meet more of Penny's family in the upcoming season. Getting to see some of the people who helped shape Penny into the woman she's become is an exciting move that fans will love. So far the series has only given us some time with the character's dad, Wyatt (Keith Carradine), who we've seen knows his daughter too well to put up with any shenanigans from her. And while Penny and her dad get along well, it will be interesting to see how Penny and her mom, and her brother, for that matter, relate to one another. Especially since we rarely hear anything about Penny's mom on the show.

Katey Sagal is probably best known for her most recent role as Gemma on Sons of Anarchy, but when it comes to comedy she really made a name for herself on Married with Children. The FOX comedy ran from 1987 until 1997, and was notable for the crude family humor that was unlike anything else on TV at the time. Since then, Sagal has made appearances in a wide number of films and TV shows. She's lent her talents to Futurama, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lost, Boston Legal, Pitch Perfect 2 and is currently filming a role in the Dirty Dancing TV movie.

Of course, some of you might remember that this isn't the first time that Katey Sagal and Kaley Cuoco have worked together. The pair actually played mother and daughter on the ABC comedy 8 Simple Rules from 2002 through 2005, so their time on The Big Bang Theory will actually mark their return to familial territory on screen.

Honestly, it's great to hear that we'll finally get to see more of Penny's family. Now that we've been introduced to Leonard's dad and Sheldon's Meemaw, both characters who had long been a mystery, the time seems right for Penny's formative years to get rounded out a little bit more. You can catch Katey Sagal as Penny's mom when The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS on September 19.

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