How Harvey Really Feels About Donna On Suits

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Suits' biggest hook has always been watching Mike get out of pickle after pickle thanks to bsing his way through life as a fake lawyer. However, the USA drama's second biggest hook is the relationship between Harvey and Donna, which is fierce, complicated and occasionally borders on the romantic. Recently, Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey Specter on the long-running series, spoke out about their complicated relationship, including how Harvey really feels about Donna in Suits. Here's what he had to say:

Harvey has always seen her as, for my money, his right-hand woman. She has been his Moneypenny, the left brain to his right brain. He needs her. He can't operate without her when it comes to his work. And when he makes his error of judgments, she is able to come in and speak sense to him. Whether or not they're right for each other romantically, I don't know if he knows.

While on a lot of shows the romantic angle between two characters often eventually leads to those characters becoming a couple (see: Castle, Bones), Suits has managed to avoid those pitfalls by playing up the importance of the relationship while playing down the romance angle. That's all good and well, but it certainly leaves the two characters in a relationship grey area. It's actually kind of refreshing to know that it's not just the audience who doesn't know what Harvey's true feelings are. According to what Gabriel Macht told TV Line, it's not just clever writing; the story is written in a way that even Harvey doesn't totally know how he feels.

There have been romantic---or romantic-seeming--moments between the two characters, most notably when Harvey said, "You know I love you, Donna," after he got her court case thrown out. There were also times when Harvey has showed jealousy regarding Donna's relationships, although he has had love interests of his own. Another time, he showed up at her play with flowers. Harvey's always been fond of big and grand gestures in clutch moments, but Donna is important to Harvey on a different level. I really don't think he could function---or at least not do his job well---without her.

Unfortunately, that might be the problem with any physical relationship between the two characters. Harvey needs Donna, and he needs Donna to be cheekily sitting at his desk when he walks in. He needs her advice on the Mike in prison situation, and he needs her to keep Louis Litt happy and out of the way. According to Macht, none of that could happen if they were together.

I know they had that one time, and I know if they did get back together, she wouldn't work for him. I don't know if they did get together, if he could do it without her. Maybe if he changed his line of business, became a judge...? Maybe then he could end up with her. I really don't know.

Now in its sixth season, Suits has definitely changed the dynamic between Harvey and Donna some, but that relationship doesn't seem to be playing out in a romantic way--at least anytime soon. On the bright side, USA already renewed the drama for Season 7 just a short time ago, and there are still a few Season 6 episodes left to play out before the show's hiatus, so we should get plenty of great Harvey and Donna conversation before the season ends. You can catch the show on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET. In addition, here's what else is coming up this fall.

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