What Bums Patrick J. Adams Out About Suits Season 6

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Suits was renewed by USA for Season 6 earlier this year. While the renewal was great news for everyone involved with the series, it's actually going to be a tough season for lead Patrick J. Adams, whose character ended up in prison towards the end of Season 5. Heading into Season 6, Adams' character, Mike Ross, is still going to be in jail, which means that he'll be missing out on a lot of the usual types of situations and interactions we get to see him in. Speaking with reporters, Patrick J. Adams revealed what has bummed him out most about shooting Season 6:

I think, you know, the hardest part is that I miss my friends and a lot of those interactions. I miss what Mike feels like. And I miss the interactions between Mike and Donna. I miss the looks that Mike gives Louis when Louis is doing something weird. I miss an intimate scene with Rachel where we get to see, you know, how the walls come down a little bit. All of those relationships I got so used to playing. I'm definitely realizing that being away from them is sad, because it would be for Mike, and I'm excited to hopefully be reunited with them soon.

For most of its run, Suits has been a series about Mike Ross living out a lie. (Sans that time period he was an investment banker and was not practicing law.) For the show's whole run, we have basically been waiting for this lie to catch up to Mike. The way it happened, with Sheila Sacz turning Mike Ross in and Anita Gibbs choosing to prosecute Mike as a result of having a personal problem with Harvey Specter, was still unexpected, however.

Obviously, Patrick J. Adams' comments seem to indicate that the actor missed out on a lot of the stuff he usually gets to be involved with while filming the USA drama, which makes us wonder exactly how long Mike Ross is going to be in prison before the creative team finds a way to worm him out. Luckily, he gave us some hints about what to expect from his prison tenure this season.

I can say that it is not resolved quickly but it is something that we are working to resolve. Obviously, after being in prison for a night - I think anyone who is in prison wants to get out as quickly as possible... They get to work very hard over the course of the season to try and come up with creative ways to get him out of there as quickly as possible and to make sure that while he is in there, he stays alive.. So it is a season-long journey, and him being in that jail cell is a big part of Season 6. It's not something we're going to solve quickly or easily.

Ouch. While that's not an exact timeline, it looks as if Mike Ross is going to have to deal with prison life for a lot longer than we may have hoped. Whether that ends up being all or just a good chunk of the season remains to be seen, but luckily new episodes are coming soon. Suits is set to return on Wednesday, July 13 at 9 p.m. ET, only on USA. You can find out what other shows will be back this summer with our TV premiere schedule.

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