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Tom Brady and Michael Strahan have been all over headlines in 2016, Brady for the DeflateGate scandal and Strahan for all that Live with Kelly and Michael drama. But now they're making waves in a much different way, as the respective current and former NFL stars are teaming up for a new TV show that will take a closer look at the impact religion and spiritualism have on the sports world. Non-enigmatically titled Religion of Sports, the docu-series is set to premiere later this year on AT&T and DirecTV's Audience Network.

In its initial season, Religion Of Sports will spend each of its six hour-long episodes shining a spotlight on places and situations where sports and athletes have affected cultures and aspects of society that aren't just about Super Bowl victories or fights in the hockey rink. Some of the specific subjects that the show will definitely tackle (pun intended) are the rise in popularity of UFC and MMA fighting, the Calgary Stampede and NASCAR.

It's somewhat strange that nothing football-related got mentioned as far as what Religion in Sports will be covering, but you can bet we'll see the gridiron pop up a time or two. Players have been celebrating touchdowns with genuflections and bowed heads for longer than I've been alive, and athletes like Tim Tebow have used their time in the spotlight to draw more attention to their faith.

Football did get brought up in Tom Brady's impassioned statement, according to THR, and he sounds pretty admirable no matter how one feels about the future Hall of Famer.

I'll never forget watching 'The Catch' in Candlestick Park with my dad. I was 4 years old, in awe of it all. In a lot of ways, I've dedicated my life to replicating that feeling. Now, playing on the same stage as my childhood idols, I'm fortunate to have a pretty unique perspective on football and the sports world. I can think of no better vehicle than Religion of Sports to share some of what I've learned and dig a little deeper into that feeling, the sort of spiritual experience that sports creates for players and fans alike.

Tom Brady and Michael Strahan worked with filmmaker and guru's son Gotham Chopra in bringing Religion in Sports to life, and all three will be executive producing. Outside of football, Brady has had a handful of small screen appearances on shows like Family Guy and Entourage, and he also appeared in the big screen version of the HBO series, as well as Ted 2. Strahan, meanwhile, is currently pulling double duties on Good Morning America and as the host of The $100,000 Pyramid, and he'll show up for Fox's NFL coverage once the season starts.

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With AT&T and DirecTV as its overlords, Audience Network definitely has the funding and the know-how to build a decent library of original programming, and the last handful of years have seen that initiative slowly come together. Series like Rogue and Kingdom have build up dedicated (if small) fanbases, and the network has a potentially fantastic pair of upcoming projects in the David E. Kelley-produced adaptation of Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes and Antoin Fuqua's star-studded diamond drama Ice. It's good to see Audience knows to keep its unscripted slate moving forward as well.

Religion in Sports is set to debut on Audience Network on Tuesday, November 15, at 8 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is debuting later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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