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Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been creating different versions of its "LieWitness News" segment for years now. However, this week he pulled out all of the stops to create what may be the funniest version of this segment, yet. This week, workers from Jimmy Kimmel Live! took to the streets to get people's takes on Donald Trump joining the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Of course, that's a lie, but it doesn't stop random passerby from having takes on the event. Check out the bit, below.

In the video, Jimmy Kimmel's team goes out on the streets and not only convinces people that Donald Trump has joined ABC's Dancing with the Stars, but that he's also already competing on the series. The first girl who pops in talks about how "hilarious" it was to see Donald Trump doing the cha cha. (I'm honestly wondering how his combover would survive such an intense dance.) If anyone knows anything about the fall TV schedule, it's that most network shows have not premiered, yet. Dancing with the Stars, in fact, just announced its Season 23 lineup a couple of days ago, and the show isn't expected to hit the schedule until September 12. So, obviously, the show has not convinced Trump to cha cha on our TVs... and that's not even counting the improbability that a presidential candidate would put themselves into a vulnerable position such as live reality TV.

Usually people randomly make up stuff about whatever "LieWitness News" is trying to sell, but the people in this video go above and beyond this time. One kid talks about how his friends have had social media beef over the whole Donald Trump debacle. Another girl talks about Trump's immigration policies, harping on the fact he wanted to build a wall "between Canada and the United States," so clearly she's been following this election cycle pretty closely. A third person even agreed that Hillary Clinton danced with Donald Trump at the end of the DWTS episode, if you can believe that.

This whole thing is classic. I don't identify with it on a personal level quite as well as the one featuring Coachella fans agreeing that fake bands existed---that's a Jimmy Kimmel classic---but with the election coming up, this is one way to poke fun at the candidates without even really cracking jokes at their expense. It's really a fresh take, although it does take advantage of people behaving like complete idiots.

If you are planning to catch the real Dancing with the Stars, don't expect to see Donald Trump show up to do the cha cha or tango with Hillary. Do expect the likes of Ryan Lochte, Laurie Hernandez and others to show up. You can check out the full cast list, here. Plus, you can check out when the rest of your favorite shows will be returning with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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