With August now behind us, TV viewers everywhere are are anticipating one of the happiest times of the year: fall premieres. And while the waiting all summer for the return of our favorite small screen adventures can be excruciating, it's just the tip of the iceberg for Gilmore Girls fans. The former WB comedy has been off the air since 2007, leading to a nearly decade's worth of anticipation for the return. Sure, the you could get your Gilmore fix through syndication and Netflix, but Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is going to deliver four 90 minute episodes that will flesh out all of our favorite Stars Hollow residents.

Perhaps the plot lines that Gilmore Girls fans are most excited to see are Lorelai and Rory's romantic lives, with viewers often taking the side of one of their past loves. For Rory, most people are probably Team Jess, but now actor Milo Ventimiglia claims they're forgetting a very important detail: Jess might not be into it at all.

Everyone's like, 'I'm Team Jess!' and I'm like, 'Cool, that's great! But do you really think Jess is Team Rory?

This statement comes to us from a Gilmore Girls fan Instagram page, which was able to capture a video of Milo Ventimiglia's comments at Wizard World Comic Con. And with those two sentences, I'm instantly getting flashbacks of the pretty tumultuous relationship that Rory and Jess had for a brief time in Season 3.

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Rory and Jess' attraction toward each other was undeniable from the moment Luke's nephew moved to Stars Hollow. Clearly miserable being shipped off to the bizarre town, Jess made enemies with Lorelai, Dean, Luke, and pretty much everyone else he came into contact with. And then there was Rory. The two quickly bonded over their mutual love of literature and music, and you could practically see sparks fly- much to the chagrin of Rory's boyfriend Dean (Supernatural star Jared Padalecki). And after a very public double breakup, they would finally start officially dating.

Unfortunately, that's about all the good that happens. Jess start skipping school and hiding it from Rory, resulting in his expulsion from Stars Hollow High. This prevented the couple from going to prom, and his anger and disappointment manifested itself at a party through sexual advances with Rory and a fight with Dean. He left Rory without any warning (twice), he asked her to run away with him in Season 4 (once), and somehow the two ended up staying friends throughout the rest of the series.

But now it appears that Jess might not be pinning after Rory after all. We haven't seen the duo in many years, and things presumably changed quite a bit. They've both been known to date other people, and they actually functioned much better as friends in the later seasons. In fact, at the point of the series finale Jess was the only one of Rory's love interests who she was on good terms with. So maybe that's what it should stay as- friends. Plus who knows where Jess is living these days.

Are you #TeamJess? Sound off in the comments below. Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life will premiere November 25th on Netflix.

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