Supergirl Is Making A Big Change With One Character In Season 2

As is standard for a new superhero, Kara will be going through a lot in Season 2 of Supergirl. She'll be facing new villains, probably gaining new friends and learning some hard lessons along the way. But, now we know that another character is up for a big change of their own. It looks like Winn will be facing some new opportunities and hitting a learning curve as he continues to be a part of Kara's inner circle.

Winn is actually going to get fired and go work for the DEO, which will be really exciting.

Woah. Woah. WOAH. Winn is going to get fired? How would that even happen? Supergirl showrunner Andrew Kreisberg revealed this tidbit to TVLine, but didn't say how Winn would come to be unemployed. He's super smart and committed to his job, right? Well, except for the part where he spends a lot of his off duty time helping Kara/Supergirl save the world from various baddies, two of whom are either related to Winn or used to date him. OK, I guess it does take a lot of time to help save the world. I supposed that if he gets too entangled with some of Kara's world-saving shenanigans that it could have a negative impact on his job as a programmer at CatCo. Of course, since Kara's new supervisor, Snapper Carr, is going to be a bit chillier than Cat Grant, it's possible that Winn could overstep and engage in some snappy back talk in the hopes of defending Kara to Snapper. That kind of thing is sure to get you fired right quick.

I suppose what's really important here is that Winn lands on his feet, and hopefully pretty quickly, with a new gig at the DEO. It's no surprise that they government agency would hire him; Hank and other DEO employees have gotten to know Winn as he's helped Kara go superheroing around National City. He's proven himself to be a real asset, not just to Supergirl, but to anyone else who's looking to help her foil the many dastardly plans that have befallen the city since she became a hero. Also, why wouldn't you want someone on your Department of Extra-Normal Operations team who is used to dealing with superhumans and the ever growing alien population of Earth? Even if Winn weren't a tech wiz, he'd be useful for those reasons alone.

I think this move is really going to benefit Winn. However he ends up getting dismissed from CatCo, he's the kind of person that belongs at the DEO. He has no problem keeping major secrets, as evidenced by him keeping Kara's identity to himself; he's very good with everything related to technology and he has no problem coming into contact with the kinds of wild and weird things that will be commonplace at his new workplace. All in all, this seems like a good move for Winn.

We can see how he fares at his new job when Supergirl comes to The CW for Season 2 on October 10.

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