Bloodline Cancelled By Netflix, And There's More Bad News

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I would have assumed the sun would freeze over before Netflix got around to cancelling another one of its original series, that time has apparently come, and now I just want the sun to freeze. The streaming service is reportedly cutting ties with one of its best dramas. as Bloodline has effectively been cancelled, with its upcoming third season set to be the last. And, much like with Ben Mendelsohn's Danny Rayburn, there is more bad news to be had.

Because this is Netflix, the details behind Bloodline's cancellation resemble how things go on TV, but with added caveats that go beyond just ratings. According to THR, tensions have mounted between Netflix and Sony Pictures Television over money, and beyond Netflix just alerting Sony that Season 3 would be the last, the service also cut the episode count from 13 episodes to 10 episodes, while also taking the shears to the show's licensing fees. This is one of the first times Netflix appears to be giving up on one of its own properties. I hope that doesn't mean THIS will happen now.

Of course, Netflix and Sony aren't copping to anything being wrong behind the scenes, so perhaps it's all just mirages seen beneath the hot Florida Keys sun. In fact, it's that sweat-soaked setting that could be causing issues, as Florida no longer carries the entertainment tax incentive that kept the costs down for the first two seasons. Season 3 will apparently be a far more pricey affair now, and it looks like there's not much of a balance between the show's critical acclaim and the millions-strong budget.

There is possibly a reason to keep the faith, Bloodline fans. Creators Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler and Daniel Zelman were very clear when Bloodline was in development that they had a storyline for this show arced out to last at least five or six seasons. If Sony wants to take this show elsewhere to try and get Season 4 and beyond, it could easily happen. Which isn't to say it would be easy to get any other network to get involved with Bloodline, since not every network has billions of dollars to throw at series whose viewership numbers have been all but locked inside a tower. The star-studded drama is supposedly a popular show, but it's hard to know who to trust anymore. (Definitely not Kevin, though.)

Here's hoping the Emmy nominations that Bloodline earned - along with any possible wins - will be enough to either change some minds or get some other minds thinking about picking it up. While it's not exactly heavenly to watch the Rayburn family implode on itself after years of secrets and dirty dealings, it's one of my favorite TV shows, dammit, and nothing out there this year has been as soaked in dread and mental chaos as Season 2. #RayburnForPresident.

Bloodline Season 3 isn't going to bring the suspenseful humidity back to Netflix until some point in 2017, but you know there are tons of shows to keep you busy in the meantime. Check them out in our Netflix premiere schedule and our fall TV schedule.

Nick Venable
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