The biggest sleeper series in Netflix’s growing slate of originals, Bloodline debuted on the streaming service last year dripping with Florida humidity and fraught with rampant tension. While the masterful Season 1 twisted viewers around the downhill tumble towards an event we knew was coming since the opening moments, Season 2 offers viewers no such blatant foreshadowing, instead making audiences just as paranoid and tortured as the Rayburn family’s middle generation.

Here are six things you need to know and/or remember before diving into Bloodline Season 2, which is currently streaming on Netflix, for a 10-hour binge session. Or, you know, whatever you have time for before your nerves start snapping in half. While spoilers from the freshman season will get mentioned, no big secrets or reveals from Season 2 will be shared here, as that would ruin one of the drama’s biggest draws.

There’s So Much We Still Don’t Know About Danny
Ben Mendelsohn’s Danny Rayburn was one of the most memorable (and deplorable) characters of the 2015 TV season, strengthened by a beaten-path story mired in tragedy and bad decisions. But while we’re aware of his coke smuggling and part of his role in Sarah’s death, among choice other things, there’s no reason to think that all of Danny’s story has been aired out, and that’s part of how Mendelsohn got to show up for Season 2. On a set visit for Bloodline Season 2, the actor spoke with me and a few other outlets and explained that he doesn’t even understand Danny completely, though he understands the appeal.
I feel like in a lot of ways that I’m still getting to know him and I think the way I’ve thought about him has changed over time, particularly in terms of what he does towards the end of that season, you know, why he would do something quite so grand and so difficult as bringing all that coke through. So, I have thought about him a lot. I think people resonate towards him because he’s very central to proceedings in the first season, and I just think he’s a very well written character. I suppose a black sheep is, by its nature, an interesting kind of a character.

Now, we don’t get to see as much of Danny in Season 2 as we’re used to, which means the beer and cigarettes budget on the show must have plummeted, but we do get to see how he spent some of his shitkicking days in other parts of Florida. Particularly where it concerns new character Ozzy Delvecchio, played by John Leguizamo. A character like Danny probably has skeleton-filled closets in many different places, just waiting to be opened.

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