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Woody Allen made headlines when he signed on to do his first major TV project with a series exclusively for Amazon. He agreed to the project without any set ideas in place and without even really knowing how Amazon worked, and he's been candid about how hard a time he's had with production. Now, the first trailer for the Miley Cyrus-starring Crisis in Six Scenes has hit the web to give us our first look at Woody Allen's 60s-era comedy, and it's definitely worth checking out. Take a look!

Both Woody Allen and Amazon have kept pretty quiet on what exactly to expect out of the plot of Crisis in Six Scenes. We've known for a while that it will take place in the 1960s during a time of political upheaval; the trailer proves that we'll be seeing the '60s from the points-of-view of unsuspecting suburbanites. The status quo will be rocked when an unexpected and somewhat radical guest drops by to stay with an otherwise moderate family. As would be expected of any Woody Allen production, stammering shenanigans will ensue.

Woody Allen has already revealed that Crisis in Six Scenes has been designed as a project that will come to a definitive conclusion after the six half-hour episodes, so we shouldn't count on the show becoming an ongoing series that will run for years and years. The cast won't spend too much time in their roles, but they look like they'll be making the most of their time on Crisis.

The casting of Miley Cyrus in Woody Allen's first big TV project was one of the biggest surprises to come out of the production. He chose the actress after being impressed by her work as a teenybopper pop star on the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. Judging by what we can see of Cyrus in the trailer for Crisis in Six Scenes, there won't be a whole lot of Hannah in her new character.

crisis in six scenes miley cyrus woody allen

A young woman with radical ideas, a stash of marijuana, and a blatant disregard for the rules regard household oranges certainly sounds like a catalyst for change in quiet suburbia. Who knows? Maybe by the time all six episodes are complete, Woody Allen's character will have been changed in a big way by Miley Cyrus' character. He won't have a bra to burn like the excitable housewives in the preview, but anything can happen.

Elaine May looks like she'll be a perfect fit for one of the suburban housewives ready for some changes to her daily routine. Her character certainly appears more open to shifts to the norm than Woody Allen's. At the very least, she seems less panicked at the prospect of diversity in the front hall of their home.

crisis in six scenes elaine may woody allen

On the whole, Crisis in Six Scenes looks like it has all the makings of the typical Woody Allen project, just set in the 1960s. Given Allen's success in bringing laughs to audiences everywhere for more than six decades now, however, a typical Woody Allen project is probably going to be a pretty fantastic production. His brand of quirkiness has always been amusing, and it should be interesting to see how it translates to television.

All six episodes of Crisis in Six Scenes will be available on Amazon Video on September 30, 2016. Take a look at our fall TV premiere schedule to see what else you'll be able to watch on the small screen in the near future.