How Long The Walking Dead's Carol And Morgan Could Be Away From Rick's Group

In Season 6 of The Walking Dead, few characters had as much mental turmoil as Carol, who has experienced just about every shade of personality imaginable since the group planted stakes in Alexandria. She was out on her own in a highly dangerous environment, and thankfully had the dutiful Morgan tracking her down. There might be bad news for anyone hoping that the duo reconnects with the bigger group when Season 7 kicks off, because it sounds like they'll be separated for at least 3 or 4 episodes.

While we're not quite sure exactly where Morgan and Carol are, we know Morgan is in contact with some of the Kingdom's battle-ready citizens, and it's likely the duo will be heading to The Kingdom before making the trek back to Alexandria. And because The Kingdom and its tiger-keeping leader Ezekiel aren't set to make their grand debut until the third episode, we might not get to see Carol reconnecting with Daryl and the rest until Episode 4 or even later. We all know how things usually go when characters aren't with the group anymore, but luckily Morgan is an exception to that, and they've got a good group to keep them safe.

Actress Melissa McBride told that it will take the first three episodes to get a grasp on where all of the characters are and how things are moving, and then shared this about what fans can expect to see from her and Morgan during their time away from Alexandria.

She's passed out when we last see her, so she's waking up in a whole new place. We'll find out how she feels about that and Morgan as well. Just kind of a little bit more of where she's at in her head. I think it's all blending together, the effect. Just to see how Morgan will respond to the Kingdom. He and Carol were not seeing eye to eye when we last saw them, and yet he was forced to make a choice that he had fought so hard against for all of the last season, so we'll see where that takes them and their mindset and if they have anything new in common.

It is indeed possible that Carol and Morgan still won't be getting along when they get acclimated to their surroundings. He did a lot for her even outside of going against his no-killing code, but she didn't exactly ask for it, and she might not be all that appreciative. (Okay, so the first trailer that came out for Season 7 had her clearly smiling and laughing, but still.) She might just want to get back to Alexandria as soon as possible. Not that either Carol or Morgan is going to like what they see when they get back, given Negan will be running the show.

Perhaps it's actually a better idea for Carol and Morgan to stay away for as long as possible. Ezekiel will probably clue them in on how dangerous Negan really is, which will likely prompt a return to Alexandria, possibly with Ezekiel and Shiva in tow. All of these people have to meet up somehow, right?

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for the first half of Season 7 on Sunday, October 23, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Find out more about Season 7 here and to see when the rest of your favorite shows will be back, check out our fall TV schedule.

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