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Season 5 of Arrow is only a few weeks away, and we're finally starting to get some substantial footage of what's to come. The latest trailer provides a glimpse of what the old members of Team Arrow are up to as well as some looks at the new members of Team Arrow. Prepare yourself for a pretty exciting sneak peek of what everybody's favorite broody archer will be up to in Season 5, and check it out!

We've known ever since May that Season 5 would feature a very different superhero scene than Season 4. Oliver had gotten used to having backup in the field, and the dissolution of Team Arrow in the finale meant that he would have to change his habits. Throw in the fact that he'd have his duties as mayor in addition to working the streets solo, and we could guess that Oliver would have a very full plate the next time we saw him. Judging by the footage in the latest trailer, he'll be taking some bold strokes to build up the next iteration of Team Arrow.

One of the biggest summer reveals about Arrow Season 5 was that Team Arrow 3.0 would include Curtis Holt as Mr. Terrific, Evelyn Sharp as Artemis, and Jack Wheeler as Wild Dog. Arrow had already introduced Curtis and Evelyn during Season 4, so the wild card of the new recruits has been Wild Dog. Now, we have our first good look at him:

arrow season 5 wild dog

No, that's not Stephen Amell in some of his leftover Casey Jones gear. It looks like Rick Gonzalez will get off to an action-packed start in the role of Wild Dog. He certainly looks like he'll bring an element of savagery to the new trio of baby vigilantes that won't be present in Artemis or Mr. Terrific, and they may need that savagery to stay alive on the streets of Star City now that Tobias Church is on the loose.

arrow season 5 john diggle

The trailer also gave a close look at John Diggle, who was last seen leaving his home to re-enlist in the army after killing his brother. We've known that Diggle would be coming back to the show, and so his tour overseas won't last too long into Season 5. Still, it looks like Arrow will spend some time with a scruffy soldier version of Digg before bringing him back into the Star City plot.

arrow season 5 black canary statue

The lingering shot of the statue of Laurel as the Black Canary is even more proof that she has not been forgotten by Star City since her death in Season 4. The statue admittedly does look slightly ridiculous, and I fully expect it to be knocked off the dock and into the water whenever Arrow decides to try for some symbolism, but it could be a good way to segue into Katie Cassidy's appearance in the Season 5 premiere.

All in all, the trailer indicates that Arrow will kick off with some killer action sequences and awesome stunt work to spice up a show that may feel somewhat empty without the original Team Arrow together. The unfortunate shot of Oliver reacting to a punch that totally didn't land wasn't the most encouraging sneak peek, but that may at least end up on the cutting floor.

Season 5 of Arrow debuts on Wednesday, October 5 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our breakdown of what we know so far about Arrow Season 5 for more of what's to come, and take a look at our fall TV premiere schedule to see when your other favorite shows will return to the airwaves.

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