Why Ryan Seacrest Isn't At The 2016 Emmys Red Carpet

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There are a lot of predictable things about television, and one of them is Ryan Seacrest's presence during awards shows and other various live events. But tonight's Emmy Awards red carpet event was more Seacrest-free than Fox's primetime in the midseason, and the universe felt slightly out of whack. If you were wondering if something was wrong, worry no more, as Seacrest's absence can be attributed to something quite lovely: he's been busy with duties related to his sister's wedding.

One would assume it would take sickness or major personal problems to keep Ryan Seacrest away from a red carpet, and neither is the case, thankfully. His sister Meredith gave him the offer last year to be the "man of honor" when she wed her fiance - an act that had him quite emotional at the time - and this weekend had him mixing it up with Meredith for her bachelorette weekend. You also don't often hear about men being allowed to crash bachelorette festivities, and it's also pretty rare to hear about a male celeb missing an event to hang out with tons of women and not have it end in arrests. Seacrest keeps it classy.

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He later tweeted that he would be repping the Los Angeles Rams from home for their NFL game today against the Seattle Seahawks, so even though it sounds like he had enough time to make it out to the Emmy ceremony, he didn't. Not too terrible a move, perhaps, since the Rams did beat the Seahawks for their first official win back in L.A. So that's something.

Of course, Ryan Seacrest is also nominated for tonight's Emmy Awards. It's the seventh time he's been recognized for his efforts as host of American Idol, and it was a no-brainer this year, considering it was the show's final season. (Unless it isn't.) If he wins, maybe he'll rappel down from the ceiling using a bunch of Rams jerseys all tied together.

It was the perfect night for Ryan Seacrest's former American Idol co-host Brian Dunkleman to step up and take over the red carpet hosting for E! But Giuliana Rancic did a fine enough job without that kind of change-up.

Check out our Emmy winners list to stay up to the minute with what's happening on the show without having to actually watch it. Maybe you could read out the celebrity names as if you're Ryan Seacrest, and maybe you could also one day host red carpet specials. And to learn the start dates for all the shows that will be nominated for next year's Emmys, head to our fall premiere schedule.

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