Awards shows, and live ceremonies in general, are always going to offer up some one of a kind moments. Usually they're positive in nature, although things can also take some unintentionally awkward and disturbing turns, and viewers are equally welcoming of both versions. Tonight's telecast of the 68th Emmy Awards was no different from those of years past, as there was no shortage of WTF moments. Here were 6 of those more unpredictable instances.

Jeb Bush's Limo Driver

The 2016 Emmys kicked off with the kind of comedic flourishes we've come to expect, as host Jimmy Kimmel had a travel-focused opening that got him riding along with Modern Family's Dunphy family, Game of Thrones' Dany and hailing Veep's Selina Meyer down. But the weirdest moment in that montage came when Kimmel hopped into a limo driven by none other than former presidential candidate Jeb Bush. It felt slightly out of place, though it was still a hoot, especially with the bumper sticker. Plus, it was perhaps the first in a slew of odd political jokes and references.

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