The 2016 Emmys' 6 Biggest WTF Moments

Awards shows, and live ceremonies in general, are always going to offer up some one of a kind moments. Usually they're positive in nature, although things can also take some unintentionally awkward and disturbing turns, and viewers are equally welcoming of both versions. Tonight's telecast of the 68th Emmy Awards was no different from those of years past, as there was no shortage of WTF moments. Here were 6 of those more unpredictable instances.

geb bush emmys

Jeb Bush's Limo Driver

The 2016 Emmys kicked off with the kind of comedic flourishes we've come to expect, as host Jimmy Kimmel had a travel-focused opening that got him riding along with Modern Family's Dunphy family, Game of Thrones' Dany and hailing Veep's Selina Meyer down. But the weirdest moment in that montage came when Kimmel hopped into a limo driven by none other than former presidential candidate Jeb Bush. It felt slightly out of place, though it was still a hoot, especially with the bumper sticker. Plus, it was perhaps the first in a slew of odd political jokes and references.

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jill solloway

Jill Soloway's Emphatic Speech

For the second year in a row, Transparent creator Jill Soloway took home the trophy for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, this time for the episode "Man on the Land." The speech itself was very inspirational and lovely, championing those who don't get such attention often, but it was the tail end of it that took things into WTF territories. As the orchestra played, the TV vet finished her impassioned speech by jumping up and down and yelling "Topple the patriarchy! Topple the patriarchy!" Out of context, it's a bit cringe-worthy, but it was a fantastic way to wrap up a fantastic speech.

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stranger things emmys

Stranger Things Kids Delivering Sandwiches

Has there been anything more adorable on TV this year than the friendship at the heart of Netflix's Stranger Things? The young cast members continue to win fans over with their newfound fame, and the Emmys recognized that by getting Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Millie Bobby Brown to serve as bike-riding sandwich deliverers to Emmy audience members. Sandwiches made by Jimmy Kimmel's mom deserve the right touch, and in her blond Eleven wig, Brown doesn't even need to touch anything to make it cool.

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louie anderson jeffrey tambor emmys

Two Actors Won For Playing Female Roles

This year's Emmys saw well-deserved wins for both Jeffrey Tambor, who won Oustanding Lead Actor in a Comedy for his performance as the transgender Maura in Amazon's Transparent, and Louie Anderson, who won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy for playing the cis female Christine Baskets on FX's Baskets. That's an extremely rare feat - that technically counts as two moments, but whatever - and both actors spoke to that in their speeches, with Tambor even calling for Hollywood to stop casting cis-gendered actors for transgender roles.

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matt damon jimmy kimmel emmys

Matt Damon Trolling Jimmy Kimmel

For the Outstanding Variety Talk Series nominee list, Jimmy Kimmel Live! used footage of a particularly hilarious bit involving Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and after the winning Last Week Tonight crew left the stage, an apple-chomping Damon walked out from backstage. Not to introduce anyone or read off nominees, mind you, but to stick it to Kimmel for not winning the previous category. The Good Will Hunting-ness of it all did not go unnoticed, and he even snuck in a nice and polite mom-burn. This pseudo-feud wins every time.

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american crime story emmys

People Vs O.J. Simpson Speech Getting Silenced

During tonight's Emmy broadcast, a lot of winners went over the time for their speeches, leading to the orchestra starting up their peaceful little ditties. But while some raged against and spoke on - or in Aziz Ansari's case, walked off the stage and sat back down in his seat - the Academy had apparently had enough when People vs O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story won for Outstanding Limited Series. It did go long, to be sure, but when one women stepped up to speak, she only got a few words out before the lights dimmed on the stage and the volume was cut from the microphone. Winning an Emmy is great, but that was harsh.

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