Watch The Flash And The Rival Flash Go At It In Awesome New Season 3 Trailer

The Flash knows a thing or two about fighting supervillains that also have fast feet and use "flash" in their names, and when the CW drama returns for Season 3, Barry won't just be dealing with Reverse-Flash again, but he'll also have a new (to the show) foe to match speeds with. A new trailer was released today that gives us a good look at the introduction of The Rival Flash, which of course entails some brawling.

Lots of things were in motion in this trailer, both literally and figuratively, but we've seen the basic Flashpoint stuff before. The most exciting bits definitely involve The Rival, who makes his CW debut. This is our first really good look at the character, too, since our first look was through leaked set photos, and then there was a glimpse of him in another trailer. In any case, it's pretty exciting to watch him and Barry do something other than race each other. And double the joy, because they're throwing down in a Central City that also has a Kid Flash going for it.

But don't call him Kid Flash. For reals.

While Barry and Wally both rock their headgear pretty well, The Rival Flash looks like a total douche in his mask. Which isn't to say the feature is terribly designed or anything, but The Vampire Diaries actor Todd Lasance is giving the antagonist some major smarminess, and it just doesn't work well with the extensions coming off the side of that mask. Tell me you don't want to give this dude the most atomic wedgie ever.

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But hey, I do like the fact that he's not just another angry and raving speedster villain. It's always fun when Barry is facing a baddie that likes to toy with him, instead of rage-aholics who only want destruction and vengeance. If The Rival ends up working out, maybe they can figure out a way to team him up with The Trickster and then Gotham's Riddler can come over and they can start up a comedy club. A deadly comedy club.

So many characters are coming to Season 3 of The Flash, and it's a nice assortment of returning characters and new faces, as well as some mix-aroos inherent to time-traveling and dimension-breaching shenanigans. (Does Billionaire Cisco count there?) And there are plenty more to come. We can look forward to reconnecting with Killer Frost when Kevin Smith returns to the director chair, and we'll get a slew of new villains, including Mirror Master, Top and the two big bads Savitar and Doctor Alchemy. I wonder if any of them will be The Rival's roommate.

The Flash (and Reverse-Flash and The Rival Flash and Camera Flash And Flash Mob and the rest) will arrive on The CW for Season 3 on Tuesday, October 4, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when everything else is zipping on over to your TVs, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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