Mike Colter Reveals Which Side Luke Cage Would Choose In Captain America: Civil War

Mike Colter Luke Cage

The credits may have rolled on Captain America: Civil War, but the conflict is far from over. With the Sokovia Accords still in existence within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Team Cap and Team Iron Man debate will continue to rage for quite some time. With that in mind, what side would Luke Cage pick if forced to choose? According to actor Mike Colter, it all boils down to money. He explained:

I went to the premiere where you wore red or blue, depending on who you were supporting. I wore a blue suit and a red tie. I feel that Luke Cage is a hero-for-hire, though, so it'd be 'who's paying more?

During a recent Empire Live panel, Mike Colter addressed the recent conflict between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, and gave his own insight regarding whom Luke Cage would side with if The Defenders universe got involved. He seems to think that Mr. Cage would adhere closely to his "heroes for hire" mantra, and would offer his services to the highest bidder. We're no experts, but it seems like billionaire playboy Tony Stark would probably have the resources to outbid Cap in that particular scenario.

That ambiguity even bled into the real world during the actual world premiere for Captain America: Civil War. While premiere attendees wore red or blue to express their specific allegiance, Colter wore both colors as a means of communicating Luke Cage's neutrality in the conflict -- all while looking incredibly dapper.

Civil War Luke Cage

Despite his somewhat diplomatic answer, I would be remiss for not bringing up the fact that Luke Cage definitely participated in Mark Millar's version of Civil War, and he chose his side based on principle, rather than money. In the source material, Luke Cage is one of Cap's staunchest allies in the anti-registration movement. Drawing comparisons to the American Jim Crow Laws, Cage fought tooth and nail against superhero registration in a very biting bit of social commentary. As you can see from the above photo: he's very clearly by Cap's side during the climactic battle of that particular story arc.

We will just have to wait and see whether or not the Sokovia Accords factor into the future of the Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If they do, then we may very well see Mike Colter's Luke Cage offer up his abilities to the highest bidder. Definitive answers to these questions will have to wait until the upcoming series premieres on September 30. Until then, make sure to check out our comprehensive fall TV premiere schedule and fill out your calendars accordingly!

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