One WWE Star Is In The Hospital After Getting Stabbed, Get The Details

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Professional wrestlers spend their whole careers at risk for pretty serious injuries from the fighters they face in the ring. Things can always go wrong, and it's always scary to see somebody get genuinely hurt in a fight. One WWE star recently had an encounter that ended with him injured, but it didn't happen in a ring. Jamie Noble was stabbed twice and hospitalized after an altercation at a West Virginia trailer park.

Mercer County, WV authorities discovered that the attack occurred this morning after Jamie Noble and his girlfriend arrived at the trailer park following a lengthy drive. Noble left to get food without incident, but he ran into trouble when he returned. A driver who had pulled in behind Noble allegedly emerged from his vehicle to accuse Noble of cutting him off while on the road. Noble reportedly tried to diffuse the situation by apologizing, but unfortunately, the situation would not be diffused.

The argument between the two men escalated, presumably because the driver didn't recognize Jamie Noble and realize just who he had picked a fight with. They began to brawl, with Noble unsurprisingly ending up on top. The altercation took a turn for the worse when two more men emerged from the driver's car to enter the fray, and one of the two newcomers stabbed Noble twice. The first stab wound was in the upper back, and the second was evidently in the mid-back. The driver and his two passengers then fled.

Luckily, Jamie Noble received medical attention almost immediately. An ambulance arrived on the scene and gave Noble preliminary treatment before taking him to the emergency room for further care. Sources indicate that Noble remains hospitalized but has been moved out of the emergency room, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet. Hopefully he is on the road to recovery. Being stabbed twice is no easy experience. At least it sounds like he received necessary treatment as soon as possible.

The police are currently investigating the incident. WWE has been made aware of the attack and have reached out to the authorities. Noble is semi-retired from physically wrestling in the ring at this point, and is currently attached to the WWE as a producer. It's somewhat odd that he's taken such serious injuries after mostly leaving the fighting life behind, although he did have his fair share of physical setbacks during his career. I mostly feel bad for him that he was stabbed twice. Being stabbed once because of a traffic dispute is obviously terrible, but being stabbed twice is just excessive.

Hopefully any and all news to come out of WWE in the near future will be about wrestling in the ring rather than assaults in the real world. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see what you can watch whenever WWE action isn't an option, and don't forget to take a look at our breakdown of upcoming remakes and revivals that are in the works. WWE star Cody Rhodes will soon get a rematch with actor Stephen Amell during an appearance as a bad guy on The CW's Arrow.

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