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Guess Who's Coming Back To New Girl

New Girl has had its highs and lows over its five seasons so far, but it’s been at its very best when it utilizes the chemistry of its killer ensemble. One member of that ensemble has been dropping in and out ever since the pilot episode, and it looks like he’ll be coming back once more. Damon Wayans Jr. will be reprising the role of Coach in an upcoming episode.

Wayans’ return was celebrated by actors Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield in a video posted on Johnson’s Instagram. Considering the hilarity that always ensues when Nick and Schmidt team up with Coach for some shenanigans, it’s no surprise that the actors would be excited about a reunion.

Damon Wayans’ was a member of the original cast in the pilot, but left New Girl when his ABC series Happy Endings was renewed for another season. His spot in the loft was filled by Lamorne Morris as Winston, so there was no shortage of funny on the show even after losing Coach. Still, his first reappearance in a Season 3 arc was a highlight of the series to that point and resulted in him sticking around for the rest of the season.

Damon Wayons as Coach

He was on board as a regular for Season 4, then chose not to renew his contract as a regular for Season 5. He hasn’t done too much since leaving – unless a side character in How to be Single counts as “much” – so we’ll have to wait and see if his latest return to New Girl will be the beginning of another cycle of Coach in and Coach out.

If the news of the big return isn’t enough yo get you excited, check out Jake Johnson’s and Max Greenfield’s reactions to Wayons’ upcoming appearance:

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Season 5 has already been relatively odd in comparison to other seasons, so Coach showing up again could bring a nice degree of familiarity. The scheduling for the show has been wonky to accommodate star Zooey Deschanel’s pregnancy without writing the pregnancy into the show or trying to hide the baby bump all the way through the third trimester. Megan Fox has been on board to mix things up as a new girl in the loft and flirt up a storm with Nick, but the possibility of a return to the Nick/Jess romance is very much still on the table. Damon Wayons Jr. coming back could be a throwback in the most comfortable and hysterical way.

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