What The Bones And Sleepy Hollow Crossover Will Be About

It’s been a few weeks now since we learned that Fox will be attempting the impossible and doing a crossover episode between its supernatural series Sleepy Hollow and its science-oriented procedural Bones. While the episode wasn’t originally set to hit the schedule for a little while, Fox revealed this week that we’ll catch the crossover sooner than expected. Both crossover episodes will air on October 29, and we now know exactly what the episodes will be about. Hint: Like many other great TV episodes that came before it, the crossover will have a Halloween theme.

Bones’ portion of the 2-part event will air first, at 8 p.m. on October 29. Called “The Resurrection in the Remains” the episode will find Brennan and the team looking into a 200-year-old headless body. (I guess the search for Booth will be over by then.) Before they get in too deep with the case, Sleepy Hollow's Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills will arrive on the scene to claim the body and the two teams will work together to solve the case. Apparently, this will take a while, because Part 2 will air during the Sleepy Hollow timeslot an hour later.

Sleepy Hollow’s portion of the crossover will be titled “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” which totally just brings the Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean ride to mind. There will be no pirates in this episode, however. A press release from Fox indicates that the Sleepy Hollow episode will be much more supernatural. New character Pandora will play a key role, unleashing a “British Army of the Undead.” Booth and Brennan will supposedly be following around Abbie and Ichabod during these shenanigans, and we still have no idea how much information the Jefforsonian team will be privy to as Abbie and Ichabod attempt to stop evil incarnate.

Fans on social media have been pretty split about the crossover episodes since Fox first announced them back in July. The difference between the tone of both shows is striking, but if the two separate teams can actually pull off an episode without ruining the fantastical nature of Sleepy Hollow or the realistic nature of Bones, I applaud them. Whether or not the premise comes off well, it seems as if Fox is banking on people tuning in to find out whether or not a crossover event of this ilk works.

Obviously, crossing over has been big business for other channels. Arrow and The Flash’s crossover event last season did such big business that the two CW shows decided to make it a yearly event. And NBC’s Chicago Fire and its spinoffs cross over quite often, which has worked for ABC. A huge crossover event between Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. also found major success over at the peacock network.

We have yet to see if this Bones and Sleepy Hollow event will work out, but at the very least, we are definitely in for some wild Halloween-based episodes on Fox this year. For now, you can tune in to both shows on Thursday nights, only on Fox.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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