Flavor Flav Is Mad About The Eric Andre Interview, Says He Wasn't Kicked

So, if you caught Flavor Flav's interview on The Eric Andre Show, you know that it ended with an epic kick right to the giant timepiece-wearing rapper's face. Well, Flavor Flav wants you to know the truth about that kick. Namely, that it didn't actually happen.

People asking about that B.S. Eric Andre show. That kick in the face, NEVER HAPPENED. That's some Bullshit editing done to disparage Flav. Yo Eric Andre - FUCK YOU for that move gee - Flavor Flav

Wow, OK. Flavor Flav is pissed about that kick like he really got kicked in the head on national television, isn't he? Except, apparently, he didn't get kicked in the head. Can't you just be glad about that Flav? No? Well, alright, I guess I expected that. Moving on...

So, in case you're not aware of the situation, The Eric Andre Show airs during Comedy Central's Adult Swim block, which is your clue that the show is typically a wild and wackadoo affair. And, by typically, I mean in every instance of its existence. Creator and star Eric Andre was highly inspired by the similarly nutty Space Ghost Coast to Coast and has built the show as a parody of low-budget public-access talk shows from the 1980s and 1990s.

During this particular insane installment of the show, Eric Andre "interviewed" Flavor Flav. Interview is in quotes because what actually happened is that, after there supposedly being a problem with Flav's microphone and having someone try to adjust it, Andre then tried to adjust it, got too close to Flav's penis area and was challenged to a fight by his interviewee. Andre then broke his desk apart, revealing a bathtub filled with water and bubbles, took all of his clothes off and got into it. Andre's sidekick, comedian Hannibal Buress, who appears to be standing next to Flavor Flav, then squats, farts and seems to lay a mean kick on Flav's face.

So, of all the things about this segment that Flavor Flav could be mad at, and there are lots, he's annoyed enough that the show made him look like a punk who got sucker kicked in the head on a (fake) talk show to post about it on his Facebook page. Sure. Why not?

What I have to wonder is, do people realize, when they go on this show, that it's not actually a serious talk show? Had Flavor Flav seen the show? Because, I think if he had, he would have known that the whole production was going to be dripping in crazy juice. And, he would have been better prepared to go along with whatever happened, even a kick that was edited to make it look like he was comically attacked out of nowhere.

You can take a look at the whole sordid interview right here.

Well, that was some good face kick editing, I have to say. It does look startlingly real, which is the whole point to a fake face kick, when you really think about it. Come on Flavor Flav. Just let the crazy roll over you and let this one go, man.

Adrienne Jones
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