Three years ago, Marvel announced that four of its heroes would lead their own Netflix shows in the coming years. The last of those heroes is finally about to debut on the small screen. Following two seasons of Daredevil, and one season each of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, Iron Fist is the next series to expand the Netflix side of the MCU. And, following in the footsteps of Doctor Strange and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4, it will pull the curtain back on the mystical forces that are still very much a mystery in this world. However, like its predecessors, Iron Fist will also be packed with plenty of action in the streets of New York, which is appropriate since the eponymous hero has been one of the Marvel universe's top martial artists since the mid-1970s.

Since late 2015, information has slowly trickled about what to expect from Iron Fist, namely though casting reports. Then the first teaser premiered at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, and it was followed in October by a longer trailer shown at New York Comic-Con. With less than half a year to go until the series premiere, we've collected every important detail you need to know before checking out Iron Fist's first round of live action adventures.

Warning: there will be spoilers for the Marvel Netflix shows and Iron Fist's comic book adventures.

When Is The Iron Fist Release Date

Iron Fist will be the first Marvel Netflix show of 2017, with all 13 episodes of its first season premiering on Friday, March 17. So if you don't feel like celebrating St. Patrick's Day the usual ways, stay at your place and binge the adventures of Danny Rand, the MCU's living weapon. If it helps, Iron Fist wears a green costume in the comics, so that provides a loose connection to the Irish, alcohol-filled holiday. Okay, not important. The point is that, just like the previous Netflix shows, you'll be able to spend the whole weekend plowing through the Iron Fist episodes if you have the time.

What Is The Iron Fist Story

Judging from the trailers and reports released so far, it looks like Iron Fist will remain faithful to the original source material. As a child, Danny Rand lost his parents while they were exploring a snowy mountain located near the mystical city of K'un-Lun. Fortunately, the boy was soon discovered by K'un-Lun, and he spent the next 15 years learning martial arts and how to channel the power of the Iron Fist. Now in the present day, Danny will return to New York City to reclaim his father's company, but just like with every other superhero show, extraordinary threats will soon emerge from the shadows, and the young hero will be forced to choose between protecting his family's legacy or embracing his role as Iron Fist.

Danny Rand

Our main protagonist, Danny Rand, will be played by Finn Jones, who was best known before this as Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones. Since Danny hasn't appeared in any of the previous Marvel Netflix series, we have no idea if his personality or characteristics have been altered for the MCU. All we know so far is that, like on the printed page, he is one of Earth's best fighters. After training in K'un-L'un for more than a decade, he is a master of kung fu and various other fighting styles. Those talents alone are enough to ensure he can deal with common threats that come his way, but not to worry, he's prepared for when more unusual forces emerge. As Iron Fist, Danny is able to channel his body's energy to enhance his natural abilities. This includes speed, reflexes, durability and agility, but it's the strength that especially benefits. Once his fist starts glowing, he packs enough power to punch through a wall, as seen in the teaser. However, the longer he uses this energy, the more tired he becomes, so it's a good thing he has those martial arts moves to fall back on.

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