The American Horror Story Actor You Probably Missed In Last Night's Crazy Episode

Spoiler warning for anyone who didn't watch last night's episode of American Horror Story.

It seems just about every single element of American Horror Story: Roanoke is going to be as opaque and difficult to comprehend as possible, from the theme-cloaking to the about-face twist and beyond. Fans are getting a little anxious about when and how the remaining cast members will enter the bizarre paranormal tale, especially since there are only a few episodes left, but eagle-eyed viewers got something to cheer about in "Chapter 7" when Ryan Murphy regular Finn Wittrock made a blink-and-it's-gone cameo as one of them backwoods Polk boys. See for yourself.

If you did miss it, then you might be wondering how that happened without you noticing, and it's an easy explanation, and if you didn't miss it, you totally (witt)rock! (More so than that joke, for sure.) When the real Polk family came out to cause trouble for the Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell survivors, they zapped Lee, Monet and Audrey before taking the female trio back to their grow house to do unspeakable things to (at least one of) them. And that brief shot of Finn Wittrock in the tweet above came just before he took Monet's camera from her.

That's right, Wittrock's Cain Polk was actually a part of the episode for quite a while, though it was hard to pick up on that since he was the one holding the camera; plus, his back was turned when seen from the room's static cameras. But we definitely shouldn't expect him to stay hidden in future episodes, as Ryan Murphy recently teased Wittrock as playing the "most fucked up character of all time" to E! Online and those aren't lightly spoken words either. When Murphy said that Max Greenfield's scene in American Horror Story: Hotel would also be one of the most disturbing scenes in this series, he wasn't lying. (You guys remember the dildo monster, right?

Next week's episode isn't going to be heavenly for anyone involved, but one has to assume that Audrey and Monet will go through some hardcore suffering. After all, out of all those bodies that dropped in last night's episode, Lee was the one that didn't just get murdered, but she also got served as dinner to her former housemates. Knowing the Polks are of the cannibal variety, I'm not stretching in thinking Wittrock's Cain will use his appetite in giving viewers that supposedly fucked up performance.

Fun fact: Mama Polk, who was played by Frances Conroy in the dramatization, was portrayed in "real" life by Jessica Jones and Sons of Anarchy actress Robin Weigert, who made her American Horror Story debut back in Asylum as the mother of the teenager who was possessed by the devil. Will Taissa Farmiga end up being another one of the Polks when she shows up? And when can we see some more of those returning characters that Ryan Murphy was talking about?

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesday nights on FX. Get your bibs ready for something special coming from Cain Polk.

Nick Venable
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