It’s October, so you know what that means: Ryan Murphy is trying to give you enough heebie-jeebies to make it to 2016 with American Horror Story: Hotel. The season premiere aired tonight, and with it came more than a few scenes that not only lived up to the creepiest moments in the anthology series’ history, but some that will likely enter my dreams right when I think something good is about to happen. Here are the five moments that I’ll be haunted with until Episode 2 comes around.

american horror story
The Mattress Monster
The first trailer and the opening credits made it damned clear that this season was going to give us some ghoulish shit coming out of a mattress, and lo and be(d)hold, we got our first taste of it in the opening scene. What did it taste like? Hell and feathers. Why was this guy in the bed? Why does he stink so bad? Did he get sewn back into it willingly? These are questions I must ask myself as I lay my head down later, feeling for stitch marks.

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