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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever expanding place. In addition to the 13 films that have already hit theaters, there are also tons of TV programing- the best of which are produced by Netflix. Since the Netflix heroes have become so popular, fans have been pleading and hoping that they would eventually crossover and appear in one of the upcoming films- especially Infinity War. While Marvel has maintained that this type of move is extremely unlikely due to the timing and legal logistics associated with it, that hasn't stopped fans from pondering which characters they'd like to see teaming up. And with so many press junkets and interviews it now appears that the actors portraying said characters can't avoid the question either.

Mike Colter, who plays title character in Luke Cage, recently appeared at Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con where he did a Q & A panel. During said panel (via Screen Geek), a fan asked which superheroes Luke should team up with, to which he responded:

That's a good question. I mean everyone wants to work with Captain America or Iron Man, right? They have some really cool expensive toys, you know. I'm hanging around Harlem [and then] I'm walking around in those flying craft things. I can see Luke Cage in one of those crafts and buckling up. I think he wants to be in the helicarrier or the quinjets.

That's right, Luke Cage wants to play with the biggest heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Captain America and Iron Man. Mike Colter already commented as to which side Luke would have picked in the Civil War, but now it appears he wants the gang back together so he could team up with both leaders. Good call, Colter.

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Out of the two choices, I'd probably most like to see Luke Cage interacting with Iron Man. They're both packing some serious attitude, and it would be great to see Luke Cage's general indifference paired with Tony's bravado. They also represent polar opposites in regards to privilege and socioeconomic status. Tony was born into money, has been shown to live a life without consequences due to the luxuries affording by him. This is all good in terms of having the resources to save the world and make super suits, but it's the opposite of what Luke's experience was. This juxtaposition would presumably make for great entertainment value, and could possibly bring up a conversation in the MCU that represents the inequalities in reality.

But then there's Captain America. Steve Rogers, like Luke, generally punches his way out of problems. Both heroes are the subjects of medical experiments which granted them abilities and strength unlike anything they'd seen before. They would be one kickass duo in battle, as they brawled through enemies in contrasting fighting styles.

While Tony and Luke would have great dialogue, I just wanna watch he and Cap kick some ass.

You can expect to see Luke Cage back in action during the Defenders miniseries on Netflix.

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