The Office's Jenna Fischer Wins Halloween With This Adorable Mini-Dwight

Halloween is the perfect time of year to show off one's creativity, since there aren't many occasions that grant people the chance to dress up however they want. It was a holiday that The Office had fun with, and star Jenna Fischer had a stroke of genius this year that honored her years of TV stardom with a photo of a fan's son dressed as one of the series' characters. Ladies and gentlemen: meet Mini-Dwight. He has such sights to show you.

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If there was an adorableness meter on Twitter, I'm pretty sure it would have completely burst apart by this picture. There is nothing that could make this picture any more perfect. Sure, a tiny hairy Mose would have been great, or even a Mini-Jim dressed up as Mini-Dwight. But those wouldn't have made it more perfect, since this lil' dude is a winner all by himself. He can't be beet. Right? Right? Though the child was originally mistaken to be Jenna Fischer's son, Buzzfeed has since confirmed that this adorable mini-Dwight is the son of a fan, Ashley Gill, and he loves The Office.

Funnily enough, the beet isn't even the best part, and nor is the pitch-perfect little Mini-Dwight garb. Top prize goes to the sign, which allows onlookers to read it and hear the words in their heads in the voice of Dwight Schrute (or actor Rainn Wilson, if you prefer). It isn't likely that the little guy would have been able to deliver those lines with the precise comic timing, so a sign it is! On the flip side, I bet this lil' dude knows that there are more than three words Dwight is using in his self-description.

You might be thinking that the face above is the one that Dwight would be making in seeing his image honored by imitation, but that might not be the case. After all, in the episode where Jim does dress up as his bear-obsessed coworker, Dwight makes his stance on identity theft very clear. I mean, millions of families suffer every year, Jenna Fischer! How could you?!?

The Office has been off the air for a short while now, so you won't be able to catch any new episodes - we still wish Dwight's beet farm spinoff had happened - but that doesn't mean you can't spend some binge-heavy time with the former NBC hit on Netflix. It's perfectly natural to still miss it, as even writer and star B.J. Novak keeps the fun alive on occasion.

Meanwhile, Jenna Fischer has popped up across TVs in recent years on shows like You, Me and the Apocalypse, The Mysteries of Laura and The Grinder, and her next role will be in the Mike White-directed comedy Brad's Status with Michael Sheen and Ben Stiller.

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