As Netflix has started to produce larger amounts of original programming, the number of TV shows and movies available on the service is certainly dwindling. However, the subscription streaming service still offers a slew of TV shows that have gotten good reviews and have avid audiences. A lot of these are shows that have already ended, but live on through streaming services like Netflix, services which breathe new life into the shows every day.

In fact, the list of originals is so great and so lengthy that I had to type painfully as I rid this list of modern classics like Mad Men, intense police dramas like Wallander and incredibly popular shows, including Prison Break (which is being rebooted by Fox) and Futurama (which has seen more revivals than the average show). Not everyone's taste in television is exactly the same, of course, but we've watched a lot of oldies and newbies and put together the list of the top 20 best TV shows on Netflix right now.

We'll be keeping this list updated as time goes on, but if you are looking for more specific lists, here's our take on great horror available on Netflix, as well as family-friendly shows on Netflix. You can also check out the 10 greatest Netflix original shows, here.


Most premium cable TV shows are not available on Netflix, but the former Starz series Spartacus is available in full. It fits really well into Netflix's lineup, as it includes some of the nudity language and even violence that Netflix has emulated with some of its other originals. The Steven S. DeKnight series---you know, the guy in charge of the first season of Daredevil---about gladiators rising up against their Roman masters is a must-watch.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a recent enough phenomenon that a lot of the AMC drama's audience caught the show during its initial run on the cable network. Let's not forget, though, that Breaking Bad grew so popular initially thanks to its availability on streaming services. The Bryan Cranston-led drama is still one of the best offerings out there. Even if you have seen it, maybe you are due for a re-watch? Yeah, bitch!


Cheers is probably best known all these years later for launching a ton of careers and one really, really critically acclaimed spinoff, but the show itself is actually really funny and has a great heart to it. After all, there's a reason it still has the third most watched-finale in the history of television. Not bad for a show about drinking and working at a bar.

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