The Walking Dead Comic Storyline That Will Probably Get Changed For The Show

If you laid out the events of The Walking Dead's TV show and comic book series side by side, there would be a lot of overlapping, with many of the live-action characters and events being loyal to the source material. But that's not always the case, particularly when it comes to Sophia, whose shocking death on the show was a complete detour from her counterpart. But it sounds like her ongoing storyline on the page will be coming to Season 7 in the form of Enid. Here's what actress Katelyn Nacon had to say about the comics' Sophia.

She's still alive. Glenn and Maggie adopt her and it was starting to look like that. They were starting to become almost parental figures in her life. So, maybe, we might see it. I hear Sophia is a total badass in the comics.

In the comics, Sophia is taken in by Glenn and Maggie after her mother Carol's death fairly early on, and they truly became a family unit...for a while. Everything changed when Negan arrived, as seen in the show's Season 7 premiere, and both Sophia and Maggie evolved into more independent and powerful characters in the aftermath. Enid, whose parents were shown to have been killed in her flashbacks, definitely fits the mold, and the show was already stepping in that direction during Season 6. Katelyn Nacon is predictably cagey about her answer here, but this would really be the best thing to do with the young character.

walking dead sophia maggie

In her time on the show, Enid hasn't done all that much beyond sneak out of Alexandria and sulk around Carl (and eat turtles), but there has been potential for her to break out ahead of other child characters in some way. She and Glenn slowly bonded following his death scare, and while it felt more like a mentor/student relationship than father/daughter, it could have progressed had he not had his eye bulge out of his skull. Enid and Maggie could easily hit it off in the same way, especially now that Maggie will (probably) be having a baby soon that will need more than one pair of hands helping out. And I'd buy Enid turning into a badass, too. Give her a mace.

Comic Sophia and Comic Carl also had a little puppy love thing going, and while the specifics of their relationship can't quite be told on AMC's version of The Walking Dead, some of the basic elements could. But Katelyn Nacon didn't seem overly enthused when talking to about Carnid, or Enarl.

I don't know if it's the best thing for both of them but at the same time you always want to see someone be happy. I really care about Enid. If it brings her happiness instead of pain, then yes.

With other possible comic changes yet to come, The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC. To see when everything else is coming to your TVs, check out our fall premiere schedule.

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