The Wonder Years Stars Reunited, Making Us Want Another Season More Than Ever

Nowadays, there are a lot of TV shows that people fondly look back on and remember. Every once in a blue moon, people from those shows get to reunite and catch up... and sometimes even do it in public. None of these might be quite as cute as the reunion between The Wonder Years cast members Josh Saviano and Fred Savage, which happened at a Rangers hockey game. Who doesn't love two best buds just hanging out under a hockey net? Check it out.

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It's been more than 20 years since The Wonder Years ended its original run on ABC. In the time since, the cast has gotten into a slew of other projects. Fred Savage is now an avid TV director who also starred in the short-lived but much-missed Fox comedy The Grinder last year. Danica McKellar wrote a bunch of books about math and has starred in some Hallmark Channel Original Movies in recent years. Josh Saviano is mostly out of the acting game these days, and is actually a lawyer, now (he also played a lawyer on Law & Order: SVU). He and Fred Savage may have gone in different directions in their adult careers, but it still seems like they had a great time at the Rangers game on Sunday night.

The Rangers weren't about to let the celebrity reunion pass by without notice, either. Reports from the game indicate that the team played clips from The Wonder Years on the Jumbotron and that the crowd was pretty pumped to see the two former child actors spending time together. It probably helps that both Fred Savage and Josh Saviano were really invested in the game. I mean, look at this infectious enthusiasm:

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It's pretty amazing that the two leads from The Wonder Years are only 40-years-old at this point. The hit drama started airing in 1988, which is more than 25 years ago. They were really young when they got famous, and it's nice to see they've both managed to stay pretty grounded and become successful in other ways in the time since.

This isn't the first time the cast of The Wonder Years has reunited. Back in 2014, members of the cast popped up on Good Morning America to talk about their time on the iconic series. Who wants a real interview when you can see your childhood heroes having a whole lot of fun, amiright?

We'll let you know when either actor takes another big gig. In the meantime, you can stream old episodes of The Wonder Years on Netflix and find out what Fred Savage thinks of a full Wonder Years revival, here.

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