It's still early in the year, and some shows that are currently doing fine-enough in the ratings will see their averages go down later in the TV season, when viewership is traditionally less high. However, there are already a slew of shows that are missing the mark in terms of overall viewership, not to mention ratings in the advertising demographic. A couple of these shows have even had their episode orders cut, and others really need to improve if they have any hope of coming back next year. We've compiled a list of the shows that are already doing poor ratings over at the major networks. I have to say, these shows are all pulling numbers that are not enviable. Let's start with the worst of the worst in terms of the numbers.

Notorious, ABC

ABC's Notorious stars two well-liked actors, Piper Perabo and Daniel Sunjata. It also has a cushy timeslot in the Shonda Rhimes-heavy Thursday night lineup on ABC. And yet its numbers have been among the worst of the season. The show hasn't pulled over a 1.0 rating since its second episode and they've only continued to get worse each week, recently pulling a .75 in the 18-49 demographic. ABC has already cut the show's episode order down from 13 to 10 and the only reason Notorious probably hasn't been outright cancelled yet is because the network doesn't have anything to throw in the timeslot until Scandal and The Catch return at midseason. This one is highly unlikely to be back.

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