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There is no shortage of Marvel Comics on the small screen these days, from network TV to cable to streaming, and the company's approach to its releases is getting all the more interesting. It was announced this week that Marvel has produced a brand new series of webisodes that will be called TL;DR, and the new project will tackle some of the most exciting superhero arcs ever put to print. But with a comedic spin that's worlds away from the psychologically troublesome heroes on Netflix.

That's right, Marvel is adding some broad comedy strokes to its visual library with the animated TL;DR, and we won't be waiting until Phase 4 to get our first big look at it, since it'll be coming out tomorrow. TOMORROW! TL;DR will be released on a weekly basis, with the episodes presumably popping up on Marvel's website, as well as its social media accounts. To get a better idea of what to expect from the hero-filled show, check out the teaser announcement below.

For those unaware of the title's significance, "TL;DR" is an online abbreviation for "Too long; Didn't read" that's attributed to wordy blogs and posts that commenters didn't care to finish before sharing thoughts. And some people might not have the kind of clock real estate of others, so they can't afford to read through the entire Planet Hulk arc to see how it all played out. In comes TL;DR, which will presumably abridge the hell out of Hulk's extra-planetary battles, while also peppering them with sight gags and spiffy music. I'll admit it might not be to the tastes of everyone, but it should be fun.

Even though there aren't a ton of comic book storylines being teased out here, the ones that are there should cause excitement. Planet Hulk and the Spider-Verse have been the subject of much fan-talk as potential movie subjects, and while we can't bank on the success of TL;DR driving those projects forward, it can't hurt. It just might convince the company to move forward with more comedic projects though, since its live-action projects within the genre have been at a standstill. Regardless of how that all goes, I can't wait to see what other famed storylines will be used. I'm guessing nothing from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's Punisher runs.

So remember, Marvel will be kicking off its hopefully laugh-tastic new show TL;DR on Friday, November 11, with the exact time to be determined. To see what other wonders you'll be able to find on the small screen soon, check out our fall schedule and our midseason schedule. And if you only want to know about Marvel TV, here's our full list.

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