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In these still-early days of Season 3, The Flash has been doling out problems that Barry unwittingly caused with his timeline-juggling, which means things have been pretty lacking when it comes to the overarching antagonists. Alchemy is there and causing trouble, but not in a major or direct way, and there's still no sign of the secondary big bad Savitar. Luckily, the comic book drama is going to bring some big changes to viewers in the villain department, and now we know when Savitar will finally show his face. Or at least his mask. According to co-creator/executive producer Greg Berlanti:

People will have seen him before the crossovers. He appears in episodes 6 and 7.

For those keeping track, Episode 6 is...NEXT WEEK! Since this week saw The Flash taking time off for election night, we didn't get to meet up with the new speedster just yet, but Savitar will apparently make his presence known in "Shade." We've already been waiting for that ep, since it will feature a meeting between Wally and Alchemy, which may or may not lead to the return of Kid Flash. But now that we know it will be the introduction of Alchemy's co-headlining baddie, it becomes even more of a must-see installment.

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We're still not quite sure what to expect from Savitar, since we've already seen so many other speedster characters on this show. This season alone has already introduced Rival Flash and Jesse Quick, and there are more to come. But there's a good reason why speed is the recipe for so many of the show's characters, and I eagerly await Savitar arriving to see how distinct the writers have made him.

The character's background of being a pilot may change, but Savitar will share his comic counterpart's obsession with the concept of speed, and he devotes his life to figuring out its secrets. Barry Allen could probably teach him a thing or two, and Savitar will probably try and force that issue. Maybe not next week or the one right after, but soon.

alchemy the flash

Thankfully, it sounds like the ante will be upped when it comes to the other villain's story as well. Here's what Greg Berlanti shared with EW about the upcoming four-way crossover event.

You'll find out who Alchemy is.

I don't know that I'm quite as invested in finding out who Alchemy is at this point, since not a lot has been teased about his real identity. And the list of suspects is too big to start whittling down at this point. So we wait somewhat patiently for the crossover, hoping the mystery grows in the meantime.

The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW. Check out our fall schedule and our midseason schedule to see what else is speeding its way to your televisions in the future.

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