Is Meg From Family Guy Coming Out? Here's The Latest

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Family Guy is currently in its 15th season, and fans have seen more than 250 episodes of the Griffin family's foibles. The show occasionally has to reinvent characters and/or give them major new plots to keep them fresh as time passes, and most of poor Meg's stories over the years have been about how unpopular she is at home and at school. However, there's a chance that she may soon get a story that has more layers to it, as showrunner Alec Sulkin had this to say about what could be in store for Meg in Season 15 and possibly beyond:

There's one story we have, it's by no means final, but it would involve Meg coming out as a lesbian.

Meg has been pretty unlucky in love when it comes to boys on Family Guy so far, so Alex Sulkin's reveal that she may come out as a lesbian wouldn't necessarily be a huge retcon. Maybe there was a deeper reason for her failed relationships that wasn't just her innate Meg-ness. Even if she's only really showed interest in guys over the years, there have been a couple of clues that she might not be heterosexual.

In a Season 4 episode, Stewie traveled thirty years into the future and discovered that Meg was transgender and had transitioned into Ron. Family Guy played transgender Meg as a joke, naturally, and Stewie actually changed the timeline, but the question of Meg's sexuality remained. In another episode, Meg pretends to be a lesbian to join a club and make friends at her high school. Take a look!

Meg ended the episode by admitting to one of her new friends that she did not consider herself a lesbian. Still, Family Guy never ruled out the possibility that later episodes would explore her sexuality further. If the show does feature Meg coming out, it could work well for her character.

Alec Sulkin hasn't been shy about wanting to revamp certain areas of the show. He also revealed in his chat with Splitsider that the production team is aware that the typical episode format is becoming stale nowadays. The ratings haven't been fabulous in recent years either. Sulkin and Co. are working on fleshing out side characters, and a three-part arc is on the way that will involve Brian getting into some serious social media trouble. The changes could mean great things for the future of the show.

If Meg does come out of the closet on Family Guy, we probably won't get to see it for a while. Alec Sulkin only said that they're considering it at this point, and nothing is final, so we'll have to be patient to find out if Meg coming out is a plot that really will happen on Family Guy.

You can catch the latest adventures of the Griffins on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Unfortunately, we probably won't be getting any more of the hilarious Star Wars specials out of Family Guy, but the show still may be able to surprise us with some new classics. For a trip down memory lane, take a look at our ranking of the funniest characters of Family Guy.

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